What is GeCCo?

Virtual communication, group dynamics in distributed teams, different cultures and time zones are just a few of the challenges. Find out MORE.

How to participate

Are you looking for new experience, new knowledge, improvement, and fun, then GeCCo is a right event for you. To participate, follow the steps HERE.

GeCCo 2019/20

GeCCo is calling! It will take place on March 14-15, 2020 and the registration for YCs is now open! See the latest updates and current information HERE!

Global eCollaboration Competition news

GeCCo 2019/20 journey has begun! Wanna jump in?

Since the beginning of this journey, we have been officially joined by 20 countries, 4 continents, tons of languages. Now, it is your turn to jump in this amazing journey.

We have the winners of GeCCo 2018/19!

The winner of Global eCollaboration Competition is the Team 14- The Kings of Projects. Congratulations!

GeCCo 2018/19 LIVE EVENT

The Live Event of the Global eCollaboration Competition will start on February, 12pm (GMT). Find all the current information here!