Applications for participants of the GeCCo 2017 are now open

The organizers of GeCCo announce that everyone interested to participate in the Global eCollaboration Competition is now welcome to fill the application form to become a part of the competition this year. Deadline for applications – October 21.

The main prize for the winning team – IPMA D level certification for each team member and entrance tickets to the Global Young Crew Workshop in 2018.



In order to qualify for becoming a participant of the GeCCo 2017 competition you must fulfill these criteria:

  • – You must be currently a resident of a country that is registered in the GeCCo competition. See the list of countries here.
  • – You must be 18 – 35 years old
  • – Theoretical knowledge project management is a requirement. Practical experience in project management is a bonus, but not required. You must be familiar with common project management terms, definitions, tools and methods.
  • – Good English proficiency is required
  • – Reliable and available internet connection is a must

Submitting the registration form is not a guarantee that you are accepted as the participant of GeCCo. There is a limit of 6 participants per country, so you might go through a selection process in your country. Participants are selected by the Local Organizer of the specific country, based on the participant’s motivation, knowledge and/or experience in project management.



The Responsibilities of the participants include:
a) selected participant has to follow instructions of Young Crew Local Organizer and participate in the GeCCo pre-case study and GeCCo live event (competition) which is held on November 11 – 12, 2017.
b) In the extreme case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances selected participant might not participate. In this case, he/she has to inform Local Organizer at least 48 hours before GeCCo pre-case study starts.

Participants must also acknowledge that during the GeCCo competition video and / or photo content can be produced and published.

In case of any questions please contact your Local Organizer.

Local Organizers might also get in contact with the participants to check their suitability for the competition and to provide extra information or assessment.

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