IPMA YC Newsletter – October issue

Global eCollaboration Competition 2015 (GeCCo 2015) – raising the bar of virtual team project management for the 4th year in a row

It is well known that Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo) is more than international project management case study competition – it is an unique opportunity to experience international team work in digital environment.

This year GeCCo brings many novelties that will create additional value to both participants and GeCCo fans in virtual and multicultural project management and upgrade the whole event.

Since September 23rd, GeCCo has its own website as part of IPMA Young Crew platform become.pm. Website contains all information about this virtual team competition with 4-year-long tradition.

GeCCo Academy has been introduced before the competition to be the first step on the way to help participants to prepare better for the competition and master skills needed for global multicultural teamwork through serial of articles and video lecturers of Keynote Speakers. First GeCCo Academy Keynote Speaker was Miguel Carvalho e Melo, General Manager at Bright Academy that shared with GeCCo community his overview of teams, virtual teams and teamwork advices. 

13 distinguish Members of Project Management Community make GeCCo 2015 Jury Committee. They have gathered and started to work hard on new team assessment model and process improvements.

Two more national Young Crews have applied to participate, so this year YCs participants from 18 countries can register to be the part of this life changing experience. The countries that have registrated their Young Crews for participating are: Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Austria, Spain, Latvia, Nigeria,Chile, Peru, Poland, Russia, Finland, Croatia, Germany, Dominican Republic,Lithuania, The Netherlands and Guatemala.

The support of Local Organizers from national Young Crews is extremely important and they are working hard to prepare for the competition and be on disposal to participants for all information needed.

The application for individual participants is open till October 21st.  After that, the luckiest Young Crew members would compete on the event that will take place on 7th and 8th November 2015. There is still time to register, so visit GeCCo website on http://bit.ly/GeCCo_Registration and contact your Local Organizer.

GeCCo will bring more than unique experience to participants – the reward for the best teams chosen by the members of Jury Committee is IPMA Level D certification.

GeCCo 2015 starts soon, so do not hesitate and follow us on our Facebook page bacause the most creative GeCCo fan can participate in prize winning contest and win valuable book Project Management Leadership by Rory Burke and Steve Barron.

Prepare for GeCCo and take a look at GeCCo Academy on our Youtube channel.

GeCCo 2015 is the opportunity of a lifetime, skills learned are unique professional advantage that only cost time.

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