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The GeCCo competition provides the participants and other interested viewers with outstanding world-class keynote speakers. Everyone is welcomed to join and see the keynote speeches about current project management topics.

tom-taylorTom Taylor

Spotting and Reacting to Fashions and Trends in the Projects Community – for Young Persons

Vice President of APM – Association for Project Management – in the UK, Principal of Dashdot, Joint Founder of Buro Four. His profile can be found on

Tom Taylor is known as:

  • – A popular, confident and energetic speaker and broadcaster,
  • – A prolific author and publisher on innovative business and original management issues,
  • – An experienced and enthusiastic lecturer and course leader,
  • – And an award-winning, highly-experienced manager of projects, advisor, and consultant.




All the public events, keynote speeches, presentations are held using GoToWebinar. All the links to current events will be published in the UP NEXT section of this page. Please be informed, that GoToWebinar requires an installation of its software on your computer (or an app on your mobile/tablet) that may take up to 5 minutes. Participants of the live event acknowledge that photo and video content will be produced an/or published in the GeCCo and IPMA Young Crew related promotional channels.

ATTENTION! GoToWebinar has the option to access the live event via voice call on your mobile phone. The organizers DO NOT  RECOMMEND it as you most likely will be charged by your carrier for this international call. The participants are responsible for all the costs related to the technical access to the live event (for example, internet connection costs, phone charges, roaming fees etc.)

For the Competition participants – all the questions regarding the competition can be asked via e-mail

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