GeCCo 2024 competition has begun! Join us!

GeCCo 2024 competition has begun!

Join us!

Meet GeCCo 2024 Core Team! They’ll create a memorable experience for everyone participating in this big international project management competition:

▶ Tiago Ramalho, Project Owner 2021-2023 – Portugal
▶ Olalla García Perez, Project Owner 2024-2026 – Spain

▶ Manuel Galvão, Project Manager – Portugal
▶ Kristina Reyzenbuk, Advisor – Russia
▶ Ashwani Anant, Local Organizers Manager – India
▶ Ana Žiroš, Local Organizers Manager – Croatia
▶ Victor Dantas, Local Organizers Manager – Brazil
▶ Jessica Morrison, Marketing Manager, and Assessors Manager – USA
▶ Mehdi Jamaly, Sponsorship & Awards Manager, and Case Study Manager – Iran
▶ Iza Maciejak, Graphic Designer – Poland

Since the beginning of this journey, we have been officially joined by 28 countries!
Here they are: Canada, Iran, Indonesia, Poland, Mexico, Algeria, Croatia, Greece, Chile, Spain, Austria, Russia, India, Peru, Ecuador, Portugal, France, Egypt, Georgia, Finland, Netherlands, Latvia, Germany, Panama, Czech Republic, Serbia, Italy and Colombia

Now, it is your turn to jump in this amazing journey!

Call for participants is OPEN from January 5, 2024 to February 25, 2024.
This is an opportunity for you to strengthen your PM virtual teamwork skills, to live an exceptional experience, but most of all, to make new friends all around the world.

Want to know how to join and be a participant in GeCCo 2024?

Before joining, please follow these simple steps:
▶ Get familiar with Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo)
▶ Fill in the form
▶ Your Local Organizer will contact you (each country has a LO)
▶ Sit tight, wait for your confirmation
▶ Enjoy the journey 😊

One important thing to know!

Every applicant has to go through a quick interview process, which is organized by every Local Organizer (LO) from each country.
When the selection process is over, the LO of your country will send the Core Team a final list of selected participants. The Core Team will randomly match each participant, and final teams’ results will be announced on March 4th.

Important dates:

▶Registration for applicants: January 5, 2024 – February 25, 2024
▶Participants’ selection: February 26, 2024 – March 4, 2024
▶Teams matching results: March 4, 2024 – March 14, 2024
▶Pre-Case Study: March 14, 2024 – March 22, 2024
▶Live Event: March 23, 2024 – March 24, 2024
▶Post-Case Study: Until April 13, 2024
▶GeCCo Shark Tank: April 13, 2024
▶Awards Ceremony: April 27, 2024

 For more information, please:

▶Visit our Web: https://www.become.pm/gecco/
▶Follow us on Instagram @ipmayoungcrew_official , Facebook @IPMA Young Crew  and Linkedin @IPMA Young Crew

What is GeCCo?

Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo) is a worldwide event for young project managers and students interested in project management that focuses on online collaboration. Within 24 hours teams in which each team member comes from different country work together, solve a case study and listen to keynote speakers.
It’s the 12th edition this year!

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