#GeCCo 2022: 10th Anniversary, A Special Edition

GeCCo 2022: 10th Anniversary, A Special Edition.

On April 9th during a live award ceremony event, the GeCCo 2022 Core Team, put up a special moment where a virtual celebration took place with past participants and core team members from previous editions in a chat panel. A flashback memory time we all are going to remember. 

For the first time ever, the 2022 Core Team gathered around 174 participants from 29 countries around the world. Also, they selected 29 teams and created a new category event called GeCCo Shark Tank, in which the 6 best teams from the competition had to submit their 24hr case in front of our panel of assessors.

This time our jury members were categorized as assessors, and we had a major participation. We had 29 assessors from around the world led by Dr. Joel B. Carboni as Head of the Assessors Committee.
You could see their profile via this link.

The moment we all were waiting for, the results from the 2022 GeCCo 10th Edition event:

1st place: Team 09
Team Name: Little Geckos
Mascot: ADHVAM

  • Magdalena Vučković (Croatia)
  • Ashwani Anant (India)
  • Valerie Vokounová (Czech Republic)
  • Hessam Heydari (Iran)
  • Daphne A. Bacon (Philippines)
  • Adriel Rodrigo Beltrán Estrada (Ecuador)

2nd place: Team 20
Team Name: The Dragon Team
Mascot: Pimi, The Dragon Project Manager

  • Anna Ozhegova (Russia)
  • Ricards Aizpurietis (Latvia)
  • Tania Estefany Angeles Moncada (Peru)
  • Samuele Bianco (Italy)
  • Marío Andres Díaz Barros (Colombia)
  • Agata Strupiechowska (Poland)

3rd place: Team 02
Mascot: The Yuki Spirits

  • Olalla García Pérez (Spain)
  • Shabnam Fathi (Iran)
  • Milan Mihajlovic (Netherlands)
  • Anne Oluwabukunmi Ajibaye (Canada)
  • Ma. Jeza Baggayan Trellas (Philippines)

4th place: Team 18
Team Name: Restless Brain
Mascot: E-DOPAM

  • Elahe Rostami Aroushaki (Iran)
  • Agnese Melberga (Latvia)
  • Pouya Golzadeh (Netherlands)
  • Diletta Invernizzi (Italy)
  • Monika Ratajczak (Poland)
  • Ondřej Marván (Czech Republic)

5th place: Team 12
Team Name: Goal Diggers
Mascot: Calendarito

  • Mafalda Sofia Farinha Lopes Galvão (Portugal)
  • Haniyeh Jabbarzadeh (Iran)
  • Leutrim Amagjekaj (Austria)
  • Brad Rasheed Barba Farro (Peru)

Most Active Team On Social Media: Team 27
Team Name: Project Bears
Mascot: Lazy Bear

  • Mateja Mekovec (Croatia)
  • Hamid Samami (Iran)
  • Paola Elizabeth Celis Odar (Peru)
  • Pedram Shojaeianzanjani  (Canada)
  • Mikhail Belov (Russia)

Best Post Case Video: Team 22
Team Name: Arcane Ninjas L
Mascot: Archy

  • Ascharya Sharma (Netherlands)
  • Nikola Puciriusa (Latvia)
  • Lisa Anhuth (Germany)
  • Roman Žlebek (Slovakia)
  • Cesar Ernesto Rubio Mahecha  (Colombia)
  • Anna Silvestro (Italy)

Most Active Local Organizers

  • Olalla García Pérez (Spain)
  • Erfan Esmaeel Beigi (Iran)
  • Ruzzel Miguel S. De Vera (Philippines
  • Ashwani Anant (India)

Congratulations to all winners and to all the 174 participants.
Thank you for making this 10th edition so special.

Our big thank you to all the sponsors and partners that supported us through this journey: Driving Sustainable and Rebel’s Guide To Project Management.

Also, a special thank you to Henkel for providing the case study that challenged the 29 teams this year!

Throughout the different stages of the 24hr competition, participants got access to content on project management, courtesy of our fantastic speakers:

  • Team 21 from GeCCo 2020/21.
  • William Parris, Principal Technology Program Manager for the San Diego Association of Government.
  • Chiara Haenel, Young Crew Chair.
  • Peter Keith, Organizational Training & Development Professional, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker. Director of Change Agency.
  • Elvi Caperonis, Technical Program Manager at Amazon

The topics were chosen to help them with the competition itself, while creating a lasting effect on their project management competencies.

The 2022 Core Team appreciates all participants and everyone involved for taking part in this special 10th edition of GeCCo!

See you all in the next edition!

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