Questions & Answers

Here are some of frequently asked questions about GeCCo.
Can I participate in the GeCCo?

If you are 18 – 35 years old, have theoretical knowledge in project management and currently reside in one of the countries that are part of the GeCCo, feel free to register.

My country is not on the list. What to do?

This might be because of two reasons:

  • your country is not a part of the IPMA Young Crew network.
  • the Young Crew organization in your country has not registered to be an organizer of the GeCCo. In this case please get in touch with the GeCCo Core Team via email

I registered to become a participant of the GeCCo. Am I in already?

Not necessarily. There is a limit of 6 participants per country and the Local Organizers from each country have the authority to verify and check the suitability for the GeCCo of each participant. You have to receive a clear confirmation from the organizer that your application is accepted and you are indeed chosen to be a participant in the GeCCo. This will happen within 2 weeks after the registration for participants ends.

How do I increase my chances of becoming a participant in the GeCCo?

Local Organizers when choosing the participants will look at the following issues:

  • the motivation for participation
  • the level of PM knowledge (you have to know project management at a decent level, but no prior experience is required)
  • availability issues and promise to have a stable internet connection
  • good knowledge of English

We advise being fully available and ready to respond if the Local Organizer is going to get in touch with you in case of any questions or extra assignments to prove your suitability for the GeCCo. Lack of proper response might be regarded as an indication of you not being able to fully participate in the competition.

How do I choose my team? Can I apply for the GeCCo with my team?

You apply for the GeCCo as an individual. Later on, before the competition starts you will be added to an international team. The team-matching is performed by the organizers of the GeCCo, and you do not have any control of choosing your own team members.

Can I get the example of the previous winners’ case study solution?

No. The organizers are not providing anyone with such information. Even more – the case studies differ from year to year, so the solution is not going to be a good guideline for understanding the “winning factors”.

Are the actual results or team rankings going to be published?

No. The organizers are not going to provide anyone (not even the competition participants) with the exact scores. All the information that will be provided is the announcement of the best three teams during the Awards ceremony.