We have our winners!

GeCCo 2019/20 has officially reached its end. It was yet another successful event with 24 countries and 144 participants that participated in the competition.

Twenty international jury members, with Dr. Joel B. Carboni as a Head of the Jury Committee, assessed the results of the teams and decided that this year’s winners are:

1st place team 24 – Project Ninjas! with the following team members:

  • Andrija Jergović (Croatia)
  • Kristyna Pechova (Czech Republic)
  • Reza Jamshidi (Iran)
  • Inès Hizebry (Morocco)
  • Redyuk Polina (Russia)
  • Luis Manuel López Álvarez (Mexico)
  • They received an entrance exam for IPMA Level D certification; IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop ticket; access to DPM school; PMWL free membership.

    2nd place team 6 – Fantastic 6!

  • Ana Filipović (Serbia)
  • Marinela Žugaj (Croatia)
  • Paola Carrizo (Panama)
  • Patrick Schmeisser (Germany)
  • Seyed Yousef Nejati Yadeh (Iran)
  • Rúben Marques (Portugal)
  • They received an E-book “The project manager who smiled” by Peter Taylor; PMWL free membership; DPM Pro membership.

    3rd place team 4 – We Match!

  • Carlos Munoz (Panama)
  • Sepideh Rahmani (Iran)
  • Vladislavs Grigorjevs (Latvia)
  • Lars Anhuth (Germany)
  • El Bachir Cherrat (Morocco)
  • Ingrid Souza (Portugal)
  • They received an E-book “The project manager who smiled” by Peter Taylor; PMWL free membership; 30% discount on Peter Taylor speaking and/or training rates.

    Also, our winners of additional contests: Most active team on social media, Best pre-case, Best Local Organizers, and Most active participant.

    Most active team on social media: Team 12 – Secret Agents 0012

  • Juan Carlos Donis (Guatemala)
  • Alireza Siavashpour (Iran)
  • Sara Bojić (Croatia)
  • Renata Cabral (Brazil)
  • Julianna Kiełkowska (Poland)
  • Una Vukić (Serbia)
  • Prize: E-book “How Successful People Lead” by John C. Maxwell.

    Best pre-case: team 13 – The Numericals

  • Karen Escalante (Mexico)
  • Kirill Panferov (Russia)
  • Peter Kubov (Czech Republic)
  • Hameedat Olasupo (Nigeria)
  • Aimee David (Indonesia)
  • Rui Brito (Portugal)
  • Prize: E-book “Bedtime stories for project managers” by Marisa Silva; 30% discount on Peter Taylor speaking and/or training rates.

    Most active participant: Silvia Cortes Guillen (Mexico)

    Prize: E-book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol S. Dweck.

    Most active Local Organizers this year were:

  • Arash Mahdipour Arasteh (Iran)
  • Sthefany Guadalupe Reyna Rangel (Mexico)
  • Kayode Boluwatife (Nigeria)
  • Evgenija Sergicheva (Russia)
  • Ivona Gudelj (Croatia)
  • Andrea Lai (Italy)
  • They received an E-book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey; PMWL free membership.

    In appreciation of commitment and ongoing support each of 24 Local Organizers received an Exclusive Pass for IPMA YC Global PM Days online conference.

    Congratulations everyone!

    Our big thank you to all the sponsors and partners that supported us through this journey: DPM (school), PM World Library, The Lazy Project Manager, Marisa Silva, EveOn, IPMA Member Associations of participated countries!

    And a special thank you to the PM Tribe that offered all the participants a free for life place on their platform!

    Also, a special thank you to Priscilla Tracy de Comarmond (South Africa) and City of Cape Town Isixeko Sasekapa Stad Kaapstad for providing us with an amazing real-life case study!

    Our Award Ceremony was taken to the next level by Andrey Lyakin’s (Russia) keynote speech regarding Sense Management as a Basement of Team Building!

    Thank you everyone for taking part in this 8th GeCCo edition, the Core Team thanks you and hopes to see you in the future!

    Until next edition!

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