Why GeCCo

In the same spirit as every Young Crew project, GeCCo is all about experiencing a fresh, challenging and fun event, while learning, practicing the skills, and building a network. Virtual communication, group dynamics in distributed teams, different cultures and time zones are just a few of the challenges that make this project truly unique.

How can you benefit from participating in the competition?

GeCCo enables young project managers and students to get competences and skills that will help them in their future career to work in virtual international teams.

Participation in GeCCo allows you to:

  • Gain real experience of working in a distributed multicultural team with its complexity and challenges
  • Get to know and apply new approaches, tools, and techniques
  • Develop skills needed for communication and collaboration in a virtual environment
  • Become part of the global YC network and build connections
  • Bring your cultural awareness to the next level
  • Gain insight into PM topics and get motivated by expert keynote speakers
  • Get Jury feedback and reflect on the achievements and project’s outcomes
  • Get a certificate of participation in an international project
  • Win the first prize: IPMA Level D certification and a ticket to the GYCW

Sounds interesting? Find out how to participate here.