Winners of the GeCCo 2016 announced

The winners of 2016 Edition of Global eCollaboration Competition are the Team 13 – Antarctic Wanderers.

On December 10, 2016, the GeCCo project has yet again ended successfully. The 5th edition of the Competition has surpassed the previous successes and was celebrated with a well organized and memorable Awards ceremony, that was held as a fully online event.

This year the Jury had an even greater task to assess the best teams. The competition amongst the 20 teams was fierce and it took a while to properly track and evaluate the progress of all the participating teams.

The GeCCo 2016 Core team, the Jury and the IPMA Young Crew global community is proud to announce the winning teams of 2016 GeCCo Competition.

The 1st place is awarded to the Team 13 (Antarctic Wanderers) with the following team members:

  • Marta Bindi (Italy)
  • Olga Titova (Russia)
  • Aile Ha (Finland)
  • Oscar Acevedo (Chile)
  • José Mario Mora (Spain)
  • Vladislavs Sokolovs (Latvia)

The 2nd place goes to the Team 19 (Stay Tuned). Congratulations to the team members:

  • Maja Brlek (Croatia)
  • Vanja Dobrovolny (Croatia)
  • Aknur Karabay (Kazakhstan)
  • Margarita Rusu (Russia)
  • Valerio Muzzachi (Italy)

As a rare exception, the Jury has decided to award the 3rd place to two teams. These are Team 14 (Sterna) and Team 5 (Moon Bunnies).

Congratulations to the participants of the Team 14:

  • Tomislav Ubrekić (Croatia)
  • Tommaso Spano (Italy)
  • Luuk Lemmens (Netherlands)
  • Polina Pilacheva (Russia)
  • Michael Effanga (Nigeria)
  • Paulo Romero Martinez (Spain)

Congratulations to the participants of the Team 5:

  • Michael Angster (Austria)
  • Nikola Greb (Croatia)
  • Giovanni Giorgio Romano (Italy)
  • Le Ha Phuong Dai Le (Finland)
  • Ricardo Castro (Chile)
  • David Ajiyan (Nigeria)

During the GeCCo Competition, there were other contests held – Best Pre case solution, The Most Active Social Media Team, #GeCCoCreate contest and Why GeCCo contest.

The Best Pre case solution was awarded to two teams:

  • Team 14 (Sterna)
  • Team 1 (Evolution)

The Most Active Social Media team – Team 7 (Ninja Turtles)

#GeCCoCreate creative contest winner – Giovanno Romano from the Team 5

Why GeCCo contest winners are the Team 20 (Project Noah)

The GeCCo Core Team also wants to say big thanks to the most active Local Organizers:

  • YC Italy – Francesca Brusa
  • YC Croatia – Josipa Anđal
  • YC Nigeria – Boluwatife Kayode
  • YC Russia – Zakhar Kozyrev
  • YC Serbia – Aleksandra Obradovic
  • YC Czech Republic – Denisa Šrámková

Global eCollaboration Competition also would like to say thank you to the sponsors of the event – PM World Library, Project Practice, and Penny Pullan.

Thanks to the local Member Associations of IPMA, that will provide the participants of the winning team with IPMA Level-D certification: Associazone Nazionale di Implantistica Industriale /IPMA Italy, Project Management Association Finland (PMAF), Asociación Española de Dirección e Ingeniería de Proyectos (AEIPRO), Latvian National Project Management Association, CCDP–Corporación Chilena de Dirección de Proyectos and Russian Project Management Association (SOVNET)

Global eCollaboration Competition is a worldwide event for young project managers, that focuses on online collaboration. Within 24 hours teams of 4 – 6 young professionals work in virtual teams, solve a case study and listen to keynote speakers. GeCCo is organized by IPMA and IPMA Young Crew.

For latest updates, feel free to follow GeCCo Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter.

Watch the Awards ceremony here:


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