Global PM Days 2023

The Global PM Days 2023 is a 5-day online event designed to enhance Results Orientation project management competence of IPMA ICB®, the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline, through practical learning.

Guided by world-renowned project management practitioners, participants not only acquire knowledge across various dimensions of the targeted competence but also actively engage in hands-on experiences.

Join us from September 5th to 9th and begin your journey toward becoming a project management pro by

  • Gaining insights from the keynote speakers and applying them through practical learning
  • Discovering the secrets of successful project management while solving a case study
  • Boosting your productivity by learning how to improve your effectiveness and efficiency
  • Learning to prioritize the means and resources to maintain the initial goal and ensure the project’s success

Why you should attend

Skills enhancement through practical learning
You will have a unique opportunity to not only learn from world-class practitioners but also immediately put their insights into practice through a case study.

This is a great opportunity to expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for project management from all over the globe.

Professional development
Attending Global PM Days is a proactive step a proactive step towards advancing your project management skills, gaining new insights, and expanding your connections.

Flexible format
The event format is specifically designed for professionals with packed schedules. It offers a flexible 5-day experience of inspiration and practical learning, tailored to accommodate busy routines.

Sounds good? Become part of a truly global project management event!

What is in it exactly?

Keynotes: Leading experts and thought leaders from the project management field will share their insights and experiences related to the topic of Results Orientation.

Case Study: The case is dedicated to one the greatest projects in human history: “The Great Wall of China.” It serves to examine its management and the essential skills that led to its successful completion.

Panel Discussion: Scheduled live session where thought-provoking conversations on Results Orientation and related topics unfold.

Q&A Sessions: Interactive sessions for inquiries to be addressed by the speakers. Opportunity to receive personalized advice and guidance on how to enhance prowess in achieving results.

Networking: An opportunity to establish meaningful connections with fellow attendees, share experiences, and exchange ideas within an environment crafted to foster interactions.

Optional Sports Challenge: A symbolic journey along the Great Wall of China: walking its path to directly apply the knowledge and insights you’ve gained.

Event agenda

Each day, the event ensures a rich learning experience, adhering to the following daily structure:

  • Each morning commences with pre-recorded keynotes delivered by renowned project management practitioners. These keynotes unveil the theme of the day, setting the stage for the journey ahead.
  • Throughout the day, participants have the chance to address case study questions, take part in guided discussions with fellow attendees, and optionally join in sports challenge tasks.
  • As evening approaches, the focus seamlessly transitions to reflection. This time is also allocated for Q&A sessions with the keynote speakers and a recap of the day’s activities.

Join us in embracing keynotes, interactions, and introspection. With just 1-2 hours a day, you’ll acquire fresh insights, enhance your project management skills, and broaden your professional connections.


Day 1 – Keynote
Follow the Value Bricked Road: Enabling an Outcome Focused Culture

Ciro Sbarra, a Senior Consultant focused on helping several Teams deliver value, while continuously improving, via Agile and Project Management, will speak on how Agile and Lean concepts can help you move towards an outcome and value-oriented culture fostering results.

We will go through some typical bad scenarios; some challenges and finally how Agile techniques and mindsets can help you overcome those challenges in your project organization.


Day 2 – Keynote
Transforming Ideas into Solutions

This session by Teresa Lawrence, PhD, PMP, CSM, recognized as the SME in the integration of Creative Problem Solving into Project Management, provides a 10K foot overview of the Creative Problem Solving process with a targeted focus on systematically analyzing promising ideas, options, or solutions against criteria to achieve desired project outcomes.

Participants will experience multiple ways to apply the Evaluation Matrix – the tool that lets teams evaluate and consider options against project objectives to optimize results and meet project requirements – in various settings.


Day 3 – Keynote
The Key to Elevating Your Impact: Your Mindsets

What sets project managers that drive change, impact, and growth apart from project managers that just surviving or floundering? The difference generally isn’t in their knowledge, skills, or experience. The difference is usually in their mindsets.

In this keynote, Ryan Gottfredson, a cutting-edge leadership development author, researcher, and consultant, will help you awaken to (1) the power and importance of mindsets in being the impactful project manager you want to be, (2) the current quality of your mindsets, and (3) how you can elevate your mindsets to elevate your impact.


Day 4 – Keynote
Productivity and Mindset: The Path to Becoming a High-Performing Project Manager

Ben Willmott, a Delivery Director at Wunderman Thompson and Founder of The PPM Academy, will share why mastering productivity and developing a strong mindset is critical to mastering Results Orientation competence and becoming a high-performing and happy Project Manager, plus the approaches and techniques that you can use and implement yourself.

He’ll take you through the struggles he experienced during his career with productivity and self-doubt before he learnt the techniques and mindset that propelled him to his leadership position at Wunderman Thompson and to form his own company to teach and coach Project Managers.


Day 5 – Keynote
Outcomes Thinking: A Blueprint for Project Managers’ Success

The traditional “turnkey” project delivery model often falls short in delivering what businesses truly desire—desired outcomes that represent a “working just right piece of the future.” Alexandra Chapman’s presentation will unveil how Outcomes Thinking revolutionizes project delivery by shifting the focus from outputs to outcomes, ultimately transforming the role of the Project Manager.

During this session, you’ll discover why embracing outcomes thinking is the key to achieving high-performance as a project manager. You’ll also receive a practical introduction to a 3-step technique that you can readily apply to your own projects.

Day 5 – Panel discussion
Results Orientation and AI in Project Management




Dr Mike Clayton, UK – Founder of OnlinePMCourses with over 30 years of project management experience, prolific writer, speaker, and trainer, author of 14 books – including five about Project Management, and a creator of a popular Project Management YouTube channel.

Alexandra Chapman, Australia – CEO of Totally Optimized Projects, internationally recognized for her writing and teaching on Outcomes Thinking techniques, Alexandra has worked with major corporations in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, and Denmark with experience of over 30 years.

Hany Salah, Egypt – Hany has 22+ years of professional experience, an AUC Trainer & Consultant for Project Management, Risk Management & Strategic Management, and Certified PMP, PMI-RMP, IPMA, and Head of Sales at Schneider Electric NEA.

Pannel facilitator: Diana Tereshchenko (Russia)

Who should join

Young project management professionals
Those who are early in their project management careers and seek to enhance their skills and knowledge through practical learning.

Students pursuing project management or related disciplines
Individuals who are studying project management or related fields and wish to complement their academic knowledge with hands-on experience.

Individuals interested in project management career
People who are considering a career in project management and are eager to engage with the challenge’s theme to gain insights into the field.

Anyone interested in the topic of the event
Individuals who have a general interest in the subject matter of the event and want to explore and deepen their understanding of project management competences.

IPMA/IPMA Young Crew members and non-members
Both members and non-members of IPMA and its Young Crew community, who are interested in expanding their project management competences through this immersive experience.


What is the purpose of the event?
The event is specifically designed to enhance project management personal and social competences outlined in the IPMA ICB® (IPMA Individual Competence Baseline).

When is the event scheduled?
For the year 2023, the event is scheduled from the 5th to the 9th of September.

What topics will the event cover?
This year, the focus will be on “Results Orientation”.

How can I participate?
Getting involved is straightforward. Secure your spot by purchasing a ticket, and we will provide you with all the necessary instructions.

Do I need to be a project management professional or an IPMA/IPMA YC member?
No, not at all. The event welcomes all individuals interested in project management, regardless of their level of experience or membership with IPMA/IPMA YC.

How much time do I need to commit daily?
You’ll only need one to two hours each day to enhance your project management skills and acquire valuable insights.

Will the event fit into my working hours?
Absolutely. The event’s daily schedule is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to participate without requiring any significant adjustments to your work commitments.

Can I access event materials after it’s over?
Certainly. The recordings of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and other materials will remain accessible throughout the event’s duration and after it concludes.

What platform will the event use?
This year, we are utilizing the Telegram messenger platform for the event.

Do I need to download additional software?
Yes, you’ll need to install two applications: Telegram for the main event and Strava for the sports challenge. Prior to the conference, we’ll provide you with comprehensive instructions.

How will the panel discussion be conducted?
The panel discussion will be conducted in real time using the “Live streaming” feature on the Telegram app. A recording of the discussion will be made available for later viewing.

What does the sports challenge involve?
The optional sports challenge is a unique networking activity symbolizing a walk along a segment of the Great Wall of China. This activity lets you apply theoretical knowledge practically, enhancing your learning experience.

Will I receive proof of my participation?
Indeed, a digital proof of participation will be provided, along with 10 CPDs for IPMA (re)certification.

Can tickets be purchased as a group?
Of course. We offer attractive bulk order options, starting from 10 tickets. This allows groups to benefit from the event together.

Meet the organizing team

United by the idea of supporting the growth of young project managers and students, every single one of our volunteers is working hard to prepare the best event while learning and improving their own skills along the way.

Creating sustainable impact

Goal 4: Quality education
Dedicated to fostering growth opportunities, we are committed to providing access to the knowledge and expertise of leading experts, making it available to individuals worldwide, all at an affordable price point.

Goal 15: Life and land
The project supports the reforestation efforts of One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. Through this initiative, over 200 trees will be planted around the world – one for each participant.

Stay connected

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If you have any questions please contact us at gpmd.help@gmail.com


“Congratulations, it is truly amazing what a high-level event you are organizing each half year. I wish there would be much more participants to benefit from it, step up the marketing! ;)”

“During this time, I attended Global PM Days, I tried to watch all of the seminars online. I got very excited about IPMA because of the professionalism of the speakers.”

“Great job! Congratulations for organisation. I had great and inspiring two days!! Bravo from Croatia!”

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“Very pertinent topics delivered with passion and practical insights.”

“The keynotes gave me an overall insight of how wonderful the project management career is.”

“Speakers and panelists are great. This is my first time attending an international conference and this has exceeded my expectations. In fact, I’m still a student, and meeting people that are proficient and well-known in the field that I am interested in really makes my heart jump from excitement and happiness.”

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“Allow me to congratulate you on huge success – how professionally you did manage two busy days! Thank you very much for PM days online conference. For me, it was a new experience, and I have to admit, it is a pity for me, that I did not spend more time hearing more speakers and did not use more of its features.”

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