Global PM Days – Second edition!

Now is the perfect time to participate in the Global PM Days online conference.
This global virtual event organized by IPMA Young Crew will take place on May 30-31, 2020.

IPMA Young Crew, following its own mission to spread the culture of project management and skills development in project management, is pleased to present and invite you to take part in the second edition of Global PM Days. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a 2-day online conference created to spread best practices while connecting experts and individuals who want to improve their skills to the next level.

In this edition, we decided to raise awareness of the current situation in the world and make the focus of the event to be about Conflict and Crisis, where 14 professionals from different fields will talk about this particular topic.

“When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” – J.F. Kennedy.

The conferences will focus on subtopics related to:

  • Anticipation and prevention of conflicts and crises
  • Analysis of their causes and consequences
  • Selection of appropriate responses
  • Mediation and conflicts and crisis resolution
  • Capturing and dissemination of learning
  • Speakers will present case studies and keynotes to share experiences in different aspects of this competence. Participants will be able to learn how to manage conflicts and crises, identify and prevent conflicts, take effective action when a crisis or clash of interests occurs, act in such situations and learn from them, will learn how sometimes conflicts can be an opportunity to improve as a team and many more!

    The global project management event is back!

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