Impressions from the 1st day of the conference

On the first day of the conference we had a great time with 8 keynote speakers who talked about Conflict & Crisis:

We started from a discussion with Grzegorz Szalajko who showed us a HEEL model and explained how to organize work in crisis situations to get the project in control.

Then with Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton we discussed the challenges we are facing and trends in Project Management methodology which will emerge after COVID-19.

Right after that, we met Benedict Gross who showed us what it means to be a Crisis Manager and highlighted similarities and differences between Project Management and Crisis Management professions.

Next with Eva Gaborikova we got familiar with the concept of cross-cultural conflicts and discussed what to do to be ready to prevent and solve those conflicts.

After a short break, we continued with Roland Gareis who brought us back to the process of solving crisis situations and presented a case of how important it is to acknowledge the crisis as soon as possible.

After that, Stephen Carver explored types of projects that could arise from crisis and showed how to navigate from being overwhelmed by a crisis right through to actually turning it into a project.

At the end of the day Stijn Pieters shared with us a positive approach to recognizing and managing crisis situations and gave us an example of how to deal with troubles in a calm manner.

In our last session Peter Milsom showed how different views on sustainability can create conflicts in projects and what models we can use to understand and deal with those conflicts.

After lots of knowledge and experience shared, we ended the day with happy faces.

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