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Resourcefulness is a very complex subject of discussion that’s why we invite top leading experts on the topic for each and every edition.

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William Stewart, Canada
President of
Topic: «Believing you can find success before you know how»

Greg Githens, USA
Executive & Leadership Coach, Author of «How to Think Strategically»
Topic: «How resourcefulness contributes to strategic thinking and your career?»

Paul Sloane, UK
Author and Speaker,
Topic: «What is lateral thinking and why do project managers need it?»

Christoph Schmiedinger, Austria
Executive Consultant at borisgloger consulting
Topic: «How agility can boost resourcefulness in your projects»

The list of Keynote Speakers doesn’t end here! Many more of them are ready to fresh up your view on resourcefulness in Project Management during our 2-day online conference. Learn more about the speakers here.

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