Global PM Days – 3 DAYS TO GO


We know how stressful it is working in a fast-paced environment, where everything is changing so quickly and we have to adapt, be agile.

Global PM Days keynote speakers are ready to teach us more on presence and embodiment, emotional wellness, achieving goals without burnout, self-reflection and self-management!

For those of you who struggle with delegation, you will learn proper skills and understand better how delegation is as a part of stress management. Also, you will be able to understand why there is no Self-reflection without self-analysis, and how to Self-manage through Self-reflection.

Join us this Saturday or watch the recordings later (3 months) – with EXCLUSIVE PASS you can do BOTH!

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We are also pleased to continue announcing the list of our keynote speakers! Let’s see who else will be giving us their input on Self-reflection and Self-management:

Katerina Lengold, USA
Founder of Integrative Neurocoaching Institute, USA
Topic:《Achieving goals without burnout》

Diana Balboa, PERU
Director of Professional Development at PMI® Lima Peru Chapter
Topic:《Self-reflection and self-analysis》

Marek Demčák, SLOVAKIA
LEAN Coach at COEDU Consulting & Education Ltd.
Topic:《Self-management through Self-reflection》

Andrea Kellerman, SOUTH AFRICA
Owner EQ Advantedge Networx, psychologist, business coach, Neurofeedback and hypnotherapy therapist
Topic:《Emotional wellness》

Anna Kobeleva, RUSSIA
Psychologist, business coach, mindfulness and embodiment facilitator
Topic:《Delegation skills as a part of stress management》

Wolfgang Fiebig, GERMANY
Electrical Engineer, Facilitator, Mentor and Coach
Topic:《Presence and Embodiment》

Another surprise planned for you will be our amazing panelists! Wait until you see the names! Not to mention, our networking sessions will be just the right thing for you!

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Don’t miss your chance to attend the conference and to network with our inspiring speakers and other participants!

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