You don’t want to miss the best conference on Negotiation of the season🤝

As a “foretaste” of the knowledge, you are going to gain these Saturday and Sunday with our 16 excellent speakers, we have prepared for you some useful tips on how to be a good negotiator.

Here you go:

  • Discuss as much as it’s needed
  • Try to establish and maintain trust and a positive working relationship
  • Know your own interests, needs, and constraints
  • Gather information about the interests, needs, and expectations of all parties involved
  • Propose the right option at the right time in the right way
  • Implement the best alternative to no agreement if a sustainable outcome is not possible

    Alice Shikina (USA) – mediator, international speaker, negotiation coach and author of “Negotiating with Your Kids” will show you “The Art of Asking Questions to Get to the Heart of the Matter”.

    Luis Antonio Guardado Rivera (El Salvador) – a highly engaged PMO leader across Americas with 12 years of experience will focus on the topic of “Think Human And Always Put People First”.

    Mitra Arami (Iran) – an experienced Programme and Project Manager for complex business change and transformation solutions will concentrate in her speech on “Negotiation Skills Required By Project Managers – Role Of Gender”.

    Mehdi Ebrahimi (Iran) – program manager, researcher, trainer, consultant, and assessor with 15 years of experience in petrochemical projects, programs and portfolios will convince you to “Never fear to negotiate”.

    Wojtek Sambor (Poland) – an experienced sales and negotiation practitioner, trainer and consultant will present the topic “Don’t let them gain control over you! – The negotiation process that works”.

    Mark Burnett (Jamaica) – a natural encourager, collaborator and sports fanatic who empowers via an adaptive, customer-centric and shared value-driven obsession to execute tasks will give you some “Negotiation Tips: Leading a successful project”.

    See full program here.


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    Combo Pass (€30.00) it’s our offer for people who are hungry for knowledge, as in addition to the recordings that will be available for 6 months, it offers access to the materials from our previous Global PM Days on the topic of “Self-reflection and self-management”.

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