The first 6 keynote speakers are named

On October 29-30, 18 world-class speakers will share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with 500+ participants across 50+ countries around the globe at the 7th edition of the Global PM Days online conference.

The first 6 keynote speakers and their keynotes on Relationships & Engagement are:

Caroline Rotter (Austria) – a consultant and coach at Caroline Rotter Consulting & Coaching – will share her experience with unleashing team spirit that helps guide teams through turbulent times and inspire them to high performance.

Tatjana Kniazeva (UK) – a career mentor, negotiation coach, and founder of Key2Success – will talk about the art of networking: the benefits of networking as well as 6 components of effective networking.

Kristina Roppelt (Denmark) – СEO and founder, and intercultural communication expert – will share life hacks on how to feel more relaxed and focused on one’s work while collaborating with colleagues from other countries.

Exciting, isn’t it? But wait, there’s more!

Simone Poetscher (USA) – founder & community strategist at Thrycon LLC – will provide insights on what community is and means in today’s world, and why building or actively being part of a community is relevant.

Vladimir Polkovnikov (Russia) – a business tracker, founder, and CEO of Eveon – will speak about the application of the growth tracking methodology as a tool for team engagement and focus on value.

Andy Handselman (UK) – a business competitiveness expert at Andy Hanselman Consulting – will introduce the key steps to getting ‘buy in’ from others to help achieve one’s goals and maximize one’s effectiveness in projects.

Exciting topics by the leading experts!

So, make sure to avail your ticket now and invite your colleagues, friends, and family members because this might be the booster of personal and professional development of yours and theirs!

We, the Global PM Days team, are looking forward to seeing you online!