Bernhard Sieber, Austria

Bernhard Sieber, Austria

A mindset for balance and rhythm within your team

In times of a disruptive, uncertain, complex and fast moving world, we need places of safety. Not just because it is a basic human need, but also due to the fact that performance at a high level is not possible without it: in sports, just as in business. In both areas teams are a chance to provide that safety.

For this reason, we will explore the roots of excellent teamwork. We will find out that they are located in our own mindset and experience why it all starts with self-awareness to build a winning

Bernhard Sieber is an Olympic athlete in team-rowing, world champion, speaker and coach. How did that come?

Dealing with the development of teams for the last 10 years of world class rowing took Bernhard to a world champions title and the Olympic Games.

Interested in taking this “connecting to others in order to achieve outstanding results” to the next level, Bernhard started an education as a professional coach and did an MBA-Degree in Organisational Behavior. Combing experience and knowledge did not only made him a better team player in the boat, but enabled to transfer all the learnings from the rowing boat to business.

That is how it came, that since more than two years, Bernhard helps teams and organizations to take their teamwork to the next level. In Workshops he guides them on their way to create Balance and Rhythm within their teams – just as in the rowing boat. Instead of „blood, sweat and tears“ in the boat, team members in the business context throw in resources just as knowledge, experience, visions, ideas, values and personal needs into this often undefined room between us called: team.

At the moment Bernhard gives speeches where he enables his audience getting new impulses in developing their behavior in a team and working on his own team-development method.

Biggest successes in sport

  • World Champions title in the double (U23)
  • Winner of the Universiade in the double
  • Olympic Games 2016 in the double
  • Multiple Worldcup- and Worldchampionship’s Finalist in various boat classes


  • BSc. Environmental Management
  • MBA Organisational Behavior (Master Thesis: Rowing as an intervention in team development processes)
  • Psychological Advisor
  • Resonance Practitioner, Master and Coach
  • Business Rhetoric Coach