Eduardo Espinheira, Portugal

Eduardo Espinheira, Portugal

Project Management Bugs & Fixes

We are human project managers and we have to deal with problems. Our project teams are made of people, humans! Hence, we can fail and make mistakes.

These mistakes are normal, almost standard, so Eduardo Espinheira decided to create the Management Bugs Cards to understand the patterns on his projects.

By definition, a management bug is a problem, cause or impact in a human manager’s decision which produces an incorrect or unexpected result.

Management Bugs come in all shapes and sizes and can be related to each other. We should build a comprehensive database of Management bugs so that we can leverage our own problem identification and everyone else’s.

Until this moment Eduardo has around 400 of these bugs, of which more than 50 are related to Project Management.

This session will give you a glimpse of this database and how to tackle these Project Management Bugs with some Project Management Fixes.

Eduardo Espinheira is a Human Manager, Change Igniter, Instructor, Speaker, Host, and Management Consultant with a 20-year track record of happier customers.

He leverages organizations to become more predictable and achieve operational excellence through people engagement, change management along with standards and/or best-practices adoption.

He is a Toastmaster, IAF member, M3.0 facilitator, a certified Scrum Master, and a certified PMP.

Eduardo holds a BSc(5-year) and MSc in Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, a Specialisation in Entrepreneurship from Porto Business School, an Executive Master in Marketing and an Executive MBA from the Católica Porto Business School.

He is the creator of the Management Bugs & Fixes concepts, the Machiavellian PM character and works as a Senior Consultant at HumanMngt, Manager at QAValue, Facilitator at Agile Connect Porto and Invited Lecturer at Porto Business School.