Fahri Akdemir, Germany

Fahri Akdemir, Germany

Phases of Team Development

In this session, Fahri will be talking about Tuckman Team Development Model. The presentation aims to give you an idea about team development phases during a project life cycle.

What is changing on the human side of the project during the life cycle will be the main question. By learning more about this we will be able to create different strategies on our management style.

While coming to this presentation please do not forget to bring your experiences from your teams, your memories, your questions and of course your curious mind.

Dr. Fahri Akdemir is a Human Developer. He got this title from one of his mentor and solution partner Dr. Charlie Pellerin (the project leader of Hubble Space Telescope) whom he is assisting in his 4D-Systems training to JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory).

Fahri has dedicated his life on the Human Development starting from his own self. He has an educational background on Systems Engineering (BSc), Strategic Project Management (MSc) and PhD at Cross-Cultural Complex Project Management where he focuses on human and their behavioural competencies which make their life more easy, joyful and effective for themselves, for others and for their companies. He lived in 5 different countries and had the chance to do what he loves doing, sharing his knowledge and experience with curious minds, over 16 different countries so far.

Fahri is a member of the German Project Management Association (GPM), honorary member of Nepalese Project Management Association (PMAN), experienced assessor of IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards, co-founder and former project leader of IPMA Coaching for Development (IPMAC4D) charity service of IPMA.

He is based in Germany near Frankfurt airport as he has clients from different countries. He also contributes on Human Development with the title of “guest lecturer” in two prestigious business schools: MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management in Milan / Italy and RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology in Riga / Latvia.

Website: www.fahriakdemir.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fahriakdemir/
E-mail: fahri@fahriakdemir.com