Paulius Kovas, Lithuania

Paulius Kovas, Lithuania

Keeping your course in troubled waters
Life and management lessons from the boat’s diary

The narrative monument to the Lithuania’s Millennium Odyssey presented by Paulius Kovas features a few peculiarities. Its scene is the nine-months long circumnavigational expedition of the sailing yacht “Ambersail”.

It all starts with the idea to involve a high number of brave volunteers, very different not only by character but also by their sailing experience. Should someone ask which difficulties are more challenging: the storms, the waves or the human nature, the answer would not come easily.

Thus the 120 members of Ambersail crew were both a facilitation and an enormous organisational challenge. This particularity of the expedition turned the sailing quest into a kind of laboratory for organisation and management techniques. The results of these experiments are reflected by the author by comparing the solutions applied in different situations, both over the raging ocean waves and in the turbulent environment of large business and organisation management.

Paulius Kovas (born in 1965, in Kaunas, Lithuania) is a charismatic Lithuanian skipper, lecturer, coach and crisis management consultant.

His professional career features rich experience in media and management. Since the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, Paulius has been working in all major commercial TV channels of the time (BTV, TV3 and LNK) as a producer, acquisition manager, programme director, and the director general (LNK). Since 2009, he has chosen to pursue an independent career as a lecturer, consultant, and ICF certified coach.

Sailing is his major passion and makes a very significant part of his life. His achievements as a yachtsman include rounding of Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope, as well as participation in a successful ‘man over board’ rescue operation in the Pacific Ocean. He has covered over 60 000 nautical miles within the last decade, has crossed the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and twice the Atlantic Ocean.

His managerial and public relations experience and his love of sailing and seafaring adventures have eventually merged into a very interesting combination.

With years of experience, Paulius has come to a conclusion that life on board of a sailboat, unexpected events, work and leisure of the crew – all can be seen as a perfect, somewhat purified and magnified model of many daily life and business situations. A sailboat and its crew resemble a family, a company, a task force – you name it. Consequently, Paulius has developed a unique series of coaching, lecturing and consultation programmes based on the parallels between life at sea and various situations in business or domestic environment.

Extreme conditions and challenging situations at sea can teach very valuable lessons for stress or crisis management, problem resolution and many other daily encounters of our life, albeit not necessarily manifested in such pure and extreme forms as on a boat. These unusual parallels add a special, exotic and exciting flavour to his teaching.