Benedict Gross, Germany

Benedict Gross, Germany
Senior Manager at PwC Germany

Benedict Gross, is a Crisis Management expert with more than 15 years of experience in Risk-, Crisis- and Business Continuity Management projects. He holds certificates as Emergency Manager (CEM) as well as Project Manager (PMP).

At PwC, Benedict supports clients in preparing for and responding to incidents and actual crisis scenarios. Together with other specialists, he develops smart solutions for Business Continuity Management, Risk- and Crisis Management.

He is actively involved in the international expert community by serving as the Europa representative to the Certification Commission of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and as visiting lecturer at the University of Bonn for the Masters Programm in Disaster Management and Risk Governance.

Crisis Management as a profession: How companies prepare for adverse scenarios and emergencies

Benedict will speak about how companies cope with scenarios that are threatening employees, customers and business operations. This is the field for risk-, emergency and business continuity experts who prepare for and respond to such incidents. Similar to project management, there can be a high degree of temporal instability in how they work but also a great need for discipline and sound methods in what they do. Benedict, himself coming from both worlds, can report how a project manager looks at crisis management, but also how a crisis professional looks at projects.

How ever the world will change in the next months and years, there will be a rising awareness in all sorts of companies, that adverse scenarios and emergencies are part of the reality business has to operate in. It will be no question if companies prepare for such events – it will be a determinator how good they are prepared and what disturbances they can cope with. This talk will give a short introduction in an emerging topic for all entrepreneurs and business leaders.