Eleni Tsechelidou, Greece

Eleni Tsechelidou, Greece
Assessor for the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award

Eleni Tsechelidou is a civil engineer MSc, MEng, MBA and a certified PM (IPMA-C). After more than 10 years as a managing director in her own construction company, she is now a project manager for turn-key construction in the pharmaceutical industry. She is an Assessor for the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award, having assessed projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America.

Eleni is also a business strategy and project management consultant and trainer. She has been a regular speaker at the Engineering Project Management Master’s program of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and she is teaching Project, Programme and Portfolio Management at RISEBA University, Riga.

The art of making people happy. Or maybe not?

Conflict is a key part of every endeavor – from a simple task to the most complicated project, however everybody seems to be working very hard to avoid it. Is it possible to eliminate all conflicts? If so, what would this actually mean? Is avoiding conflict a talent you are born with? Would a charismatic personality be the charmer that can make everyone happy? Is this the secret ingredient of success? But most importantly… is this what you really want?

Let’s explore some alternative scenarios together, watching the topic from different perspectives and answering some of these questions. Let’s see together if you have the magic touch or how you could get it! And maybe you will find out there are more options available!