Peter Milsom, Canada

Peter Milsom, Canada
EVP Managing Partner at GPM Global & Convenor ISO 21502 Guidance on project management

Peter Milsom, FCMC, IPMA Level A (Retired), IPMA PMC & PPMC, CRM, PRINCE2 Professional, GPM-B, GPM360° Registered Consultant & Validator, PMP.

Peter Milsom helps organizations understand what sustainability means to them to maximize their benefits and value while minimizing costs and threats. He does this by helping organizations at all levels from the C-Suite to the front lines understand what all of the elements of sustainability are, and helping them prioritize and focus on those areas that make the most sense.

His area of focus in the sustainability space is change delivery or projects. Peter has also worked on several international standards with ISO & IPMA & PMI & GAPPS, and is currently the Convenor of ISO 21502 Guidance on Project Management, and is the Secretary of the ISO 31000 Risk Management Implementation Guidance Handbook. Peter is currently a Board Member of CMC-Ontario as well as Registrar and a Board Member of PMAC. He is a contributing author for both Sustainable Project Management – The GPM Reference Guide, 2nd Edition and The GPM P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management, 2nd Edition.

Recognizing and dealing with sustainability conflicts in your projects

As project managers we have the accountability to help organizations manage their projects and deliver results that are sustainable and socially responsible from a whole cradle to cradle asset lifecycle perspective. This perspective can cause significant conflict.

Sustainability and social responsibility are on everyone’s radar, particularly in the COVID-19 world. For many this is intuitively obvious and something to aggressively deal with. Others do not agree with this prioritization. In many countries, cultures, industries and organizations there are strongly different perceptions of what (if any) the sustainability challenges and opportunities are and what the sensible solutions should be. This causes conflict in organization(s) and your project team.

During this workshop Peter will provide the following key takeaways:

  • Review some of the physiological, social and cultural challenges with sustainability and social responsibility;
  • Explore how the project teams can leverage this awareness to help the different perceptions and conflicts (“tribes”) work together;
  • Provide proven practical approaches on how to help you help the organizational “tribes” work together to agree on their priorities, the solutions and how to role them out;