Roland Gareis, Austria

Roland Gareis, Austria
Managing director of Roland Gareis Consulting GmbH

Roland Gareis is managing director of Roland Gareis Consulting GmbH. He consults national and international companies from numerous industries on the topics of project and program management, change management, process management as well as business analysis.

Together with Lorenz Gareis, he published the book “PROJEKT.PROGRAMM.CHANGE” in April 2017, which replaces the classic “Happy Projects!” after 14 years.

Roland was chairman of PROJEKTMANAGEMENT AUSTRIA, university professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and academic director of the Professional MBA at the WU Executive Academy. He was awarded with IPMA Research Achievement Award in 2014.

Courage & Crisis: First defining, then resolving the project crisis…

  • A lot of courage is required by the project owner and by the project manager to define a project crisis. Nobody wants to be the provider of the bad news… But the explicit definition of a crisis is the strongest management intervention. Therefore an appropriate decision to use or not use this intervention is necessary.
  • If a project crisis is not defined and not communicated as such, the project stakeholders will not understand, why unpopular actions are set, why their behaviour has to be adjusted, etc.
  • Projects crises are to be resolved in an iterative and agile approach. Professional crisis communication is to be applied.
  • A case study of resolving the crisis of the project “HAPPYPROJECTS 20 organizing” will be presented.