Aurio Javier de la Cruz Salazar, Peru

Aurio Javier de la Cruz Salazar, Peru
Independent Consultant at
ADC Consulting Peru

Emotional Intelligence for Project Leaders
Sunday, Nov 29 at 4:50 pm – 5:20 pm CET

Projects involve the work of many people, their interests, feelings and points of view, this can cause many conflicts around the project and affect the project result.

Emotional intelligence has the keys to become better leaders, with self-knowledge to identify your strengths and weakness, self-management to react in the right manner, empathy to understand your team feelings, and social abilities to interact with others.

Develop these abilities could help you to lead your project team and influence the stakeholders to achieve the project goals and also from the organization.

We are going to understand how we can join these two disciplines to get success in your projects.

Aurio Javier de la Cruz Salazar is Industrial Engineer from Ricardo Palma University (Peruvian university), Project Manager Professional specialized in logistics projects, innovation, and social good.

Currently, he is Independent Consultant from ADC Consulting Peru which provides services in portfolio and project management, strategic planning, business intelligence, and continuous improvement.

Social Practice community leader from the PMI Lima Peru Chapter, this community encourages the best practices in project management for social good initiatives and executes social projects with many organizations interested to help our society.