Iris Schirl-Boeck, Austria

Iris Schirl-Boeck, Austria
Programme Director, Project Management
Professor and Author at University of
Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, Austria

Resilient leadership in turbulent times
Saturday, Nov 28 at 4:50 pm – 5:20 pm CET

In today’s world of complexity and uncertainty, you, as a project manager, need to be able to manage the unexpected successfully. I will show how project managers, project teams and the organization can improve and stabilize the project performance and identify their options for action when being confronted with turbulences.

The presentation will discuss how resilience can help navigating the VUCA world and how you, as a smart manager, should get mentally prepared. I will share suggestions based on our research how you should act before, during and after being confronted with unexpected situations and how you get ready for continuous learning.

Iris Schirl-Boeck, MA cPM is director of the master program ‘Project Management and Organization’ at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, Austria. After managing international research and development projects for several years, she joined Higher education in 2008, developing curricula to prepare future project managers for the VUCA world since then.

She has published and edited several books and articles on project management, with a current research focus on learnings from human factors research for managing uncertainty and the unexpected in projects and project-oriented organizations.

She believes that the role of social skills in improving project performance is finally getting the attention it should get.