Nick Obolensky, UK

Nick Obolensky, UK
CEO Complex Adaptive Leadership Ltd

Leading projects in a complex environment
Sunday, Nov 29 at 12:50 pm – 1:20 pm CET

Leadership is described in the competence baseline (ICB4 para 4.4.5) as “Leadership means providing direction and guidance to individuals and groups”. As a Project Manager in a project that is part of the job. This definition of leadership is still relevant but perhaps no longer sufficient.

The world is very different and contexts are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) like never before. Leading in the past was based on the assumption that the leader needs to know in order to lead. But how can a leader lead when the direction is not clear, when the leader does not know, when things are very uncertain.

This brief session will introduce Leadership 4.0, a dynamic based on complexity science, and show how leadership in a VUCA context can look very different.

Nick Obolensky is a global thought leader in the field of organisational leadership development. He developed The CALAgility System which achieves proven, sustained results for leaders in context of uncertainty. The system is based on Complex Adaptive Leadership, developed by him in the 1990’s, a practical methodology which links modern western Complexity Science with ancient Chinese wisdom. He is the Founder of an international award-winning leadership and talent development firm.

As an organisational leadership development expert, entrepreneur, and author, he has a refreshing and genuinely new view of how leadership can be practiced and talent developed at all levels (and how this is vital for survival and achieving effective change) in VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous) times.

Specialties: Executive leadership development, non-linear strategy development and change management, large scale organisational and culture change, negotiation and deal structuring