Peter Coesmans, Netherlands

Peter Coesmans, Netherlands
Independent Programme and Change
Manager, Coesmans Management
Director, Agile Business Consortium

Agile Leadership is needed in a VUCA world
Saturday, Nov 28: 12:50 pm – 1:20 pm CET

Agile … everybody seems to be doing it. Or, is trying to do it. Today’s world is more and more VUCA, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigious. Organisations, projects and programmes need to be resilient and adaptable to still achieve success. So, many are adopting agile practices, especially SCRUM.

What we see is that although first successes are achieved, sustainable success is not easy to achieve. The transformation for many organisations is more difficult than anticipated. Recent research has shown that although adopting an agile Way of Working will provide some success, successful transformations focus not on methods and techniques, they focus on leadership and culture.

In this short presentation and discussion, peter will give some ideas of agile leadership and an agile culture, and will show how difficult it can be for organisations to actually successfully transform. Having helped many organisations with their agile transformation (all non-IT / non financial), he will also show where the pitfalls are. And (spoiler), he will show there is no easy inside route to success.

Peter Coesmans has been leading innovative change programmes in High Tech, Government, Local Government, Energy, Education, Food and is currently involved in sustainability projects in the Netherlands.

As volunteer for IPMA, Peter has been team lead assessor and judge for the international awards, he has been one of the authors for the International Competence Baseline (ICB)v4 and was involved in creating the Project Excellence Baseline (PEB). He is director for the Agile Business Consortium, and was co-author for Agile Programme Management and Agile Portfolio Management.