Tim Jaques, USA

Tim Jaques, USA
CEO, Teaming Worldwide
Global Director, IPMA Special
Interest Groups
Co-author, IPMA Individual
Competence Baseline, V4

2021 Challenges in Leadership
Sunday, Nov 29 at 4:10 pm – 4:40 pm CET

Do you remember the world one year ago? So much has changed in our work and our lives since we first heard the rumblings of a virus from far away. The challenges that COVID poses will not disappear overnight. We need leaders who are prepared to navigate the other side of COVID. What will it mean for our teams and stakeholders? How will priorities change for our customers?

Join Tim in a conversation about what is needed from each of us, from all of us. We will examine the ICB Leadership competence to build a roadmap for the necessary project leadership.

This is a call to action – are you up to the challenge?

For more than twenty years, Tim Jaques has been exploring, thinking, speaking, and writing on the topics of project management, organizational change, culture, and human performance. Tim is an avid writer, presenter, and facilitator. As the IPMA Global Director for Special Interest Group (SIG), Tim supports the IPMA vision of promoting competence throughout society to enable a world in which all projects succeed. Tim’s work in IPMA focuses on connecting global experts to solve some of the world’s most important and complex challenges through the development of special interest groups around topics as diverse as Innovation, Smart Cities, Smart Rural, Artificial Intelligence and Mega Projects to name a few.

In business, Tim’s work today focuses on business transformation and workplace performance through his company Teaming Worldwide. Tim has worked with a variety of private and public sector clients including General Electric, Toshiba, Tufts University, the US Army, US Postal Service. Teaming Worldwide delivers professional development and performance consulting, re-imagined using the latest science in adult learning, motivation and performance.

Tim’s core capabilities include project and program management, performance improvement, execution and operations, organizational change management, IT transformation, and business strategy. Tim co-authored the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Individual Competence Baseline, version 4, an international project, program and portfolio competence standard. He has published two books on US Federal government PM practices; and written numerous articles on project management, organizational change and transformation.

Tim is a past vice-president of IPMA-USA and has held numerous board positions.