Angeline Thorne, UK

Angeline Thorne, UK
Project4 Learning Lab

Programmed for learning: why it’s ok to not know what you think you should
Sunday, May 30 at 4:10 pm – 4:40 pm CEST

The world of work has never been more dynamic and uncertain than it is today. Most sectors are experiencing rapid and seismic shifts in technological developments and customer expectations and yet many programmes are still managed today according to practices and methods that were developed more than half a century ago.

In this talk we explore the role of scientific thinking in programme and project management and how it can help overcome some common cognitive biases. We propose that plans that are constructed as a series of short, nested experiments, coupled with the establishment of rapid feedback loops, can enable agility in projects and programmes that isn’t present in the traditional methods. We will share a simple thinking model that can be used to focus teams around a common goal and provide agility by accelerating their speed of learning.

Angeline Thorne is a Partner at Project4 Learning Lab where she works with organizations to improve their performance through their teams. She challenges traditional ways of working to ensure thoughtful application of Lean and Agile principles and utilizes her natural strength in creating alignment to unlock potential within teams.

Angeline has 20 years of experience as a leader in a global aerospace engine manufacturer. Angeline started her career in finance before returning to education to study Manufacturing Engineering. She has since held increasingly influential roles in manufacturing, supply chain, and program portfolio management where she has a track record of delivering sustainable improvements in performance