2022 – Negotiation

The keynotes were focused on the important skills and knowledge around negotiation:

  • Negotiation theories, techniques and tactics
  • Phases in negotiations
  • Analysis of cultural aspects and tactics
  • Identification of the desired outcomes
  • Establishing and maintaining trust and positive working relationships


Speakers & Program

Conference Program of Day 1 – May 28, 2022
UTC / GMT / Reykjavík

Time: 10:00 am – 10:15 am UTC

Chris Croft, UK
Author and Speaker – Chris Croft Training
Time: 10:15 am – 10:50 am UTC
Topic: The Top Ten Negotiation Tips
Format: LIVE
Matthias Schranner, Switzerland
Founder and CEO – Negotiation Institute Zurich
Time: 10:55 am – 11:30 am UTC
Topic: Negotiations on the Edge
Format: LIVE
Prof. Kasia Jagodzinska, Switzerland
International Negotiation Expert, Professor and Author – Schranner Negotiation Institute
Time: 10:55 am – 11:30 am UTC
Topic: Negotiations on the Edge
Format: LIVE
Randall Englund, USA
Executive Consultant – Englund Project Management Consultancy
Time: 11:35 am – 12:10 pm UTC
Topic: You, too can be an effective negotiator…when you know the “rules”
Luis Antonio Guardado Rivera, El Salvador
Vice-president of PMO and Bid Management Americas Region – Webhelp
Time: 12:15 pm – 12:50 pm UTC
Topic: Think human and always put people first
Format: LIVE

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm UTC

Keld Jensen, USA
Author, Speaker, Strategist, Professor and Founder – Center for SMARTnership Negotiation
Time: 2:05 pm – 2:40 pm UTC
Topic: Why are we still negotiating like we did in the 1850’s?
Format: LIVE
Mitra Arami, Iran
Managing Director and Project Director – Organization PARDIS Ltd.
Time: 2:45 pm – 3:20 pm UTC
Topic: Negotiation skills required by project managers – role of gender
Format: LIVE
Mehdi Ebrahimi, Iran
Program manager, researcher, trainer, consultant, and assessor – Almas Petrochemical plant
Time: 3:25 pm – 4:00 pm UTC
Topic: Never fear to negotiate
Format: LIVE
Alice Shikina, USA
Negotiation Coach and Mediator – Shikina Mediation and Arbitration
Time: 4:05 pm – 4:40 pm UTC
Topic: The art of asking questions to get to the heart of the matter
Format: LIVE

Time: 4:40 pm – 4:50 pm UTC

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm UTC

Conference Program of Day 2 – May 29, 2022
UTC / GMT / Reykjavík

Time: 10:00 am – 10:10 am UTC

Hugo Gonçalves, Portugal
Executive Coach & Design Thinking Facilitator – KNOWMAD Ventures
Time: 10:10 am – 10:45 am UTC
Topic: Negotiation by design and conversations
Format: LIVE
Kirk Kinnell, UK
Professional Negotiator, Trainer, Consultant – Negotiated Resolutions Ltd
Time: 10:50 am – 11:25 am UTC
Topic: “Magnificent Seven” layers of listening
Format: LIVE
Wojtek Sambor, Poland
Negotiation and Sales Trainer & CEO – Sambor Training
Time: 11:30 am – 12:05 pm UTC
Topic: Don’t let them gain control over you! – The negotiation process that works
Format: LIVE
Keyao (Eden) Li, Australia
Research Fellow – Future in Work Institute, Curtin University
Time: 12:10 pm – 12:45 pm UTC
Topic: Are we ready for a rational discussion? The existence of biases in construction dispute negotiation
Format: LIVE

Time: 12:55 pm – 1:55 pm UTC

Luís Monteiro, Portugal
Founder – Youman Skills
Culture, Engagement & Happiness – Critical Software
Time: 2:00 pm – 2:35 pm UTC
Topic: Empathy to the rescue
Format: LIVE
Richard Juneau, Canada
Business coach and trainer – Richard J. Juneau & Associates, Ltd.
Time: 2:40 pm – 3:15 pm UTC
Topic: Never split the difference in your negotiations!
Format: LIVE
Mark Burnett, Jamaica
Project Management Consultant – ECONO-ProjectEX
Time: 3:20 pm – 3:55 pm UTC
Topic: Negotiation Tips: Leading a successful project
Format: LIVE

Time: 4:05 pm – 5:05 pm UTC

Panel facilitator
Alexander Vollnhofer, Austria
Board Member – Projekt Management Austria
Alice Shikina, USA
Negotiation Coach and Mediator – Shikina Mediation and Arbitration
Luís Monteiro, Portugal
Founder – Youman Skills
Culture, Engagement & Happiness – Critical Software
Keld Jensen, USA
Author, Speaker, Strategist, Professor and Founder – Center for SMARTnership Negotiation

Time: 5:05 pm – 5:10 pm UTC

Time: 5:20 pm – 6:00 pm UTC


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