Prof. Kasia Jagodzinska

Prof. Kasia Jagodzinska, Switzerland
International Negotiation Expert,
Professor and Author
Schranner Negotiation Institute

Negotiations on the Edge
Saturday, May 28 at 10:55 am – 11:30 am UTC

The topics that are going to be covered are:

  • Proper structure of the process
  • Maintaining power & control
  • Recognizing tactics (being tactical vs. technical)
  • Instituting a negotiation mindset (LTN) – psychology of self-empowerment

  • Prof. Kasia Jagodzinska:

  • Dual background in business management and academia
  • International Negotiation Expert
  • Professor in Negotiations
  • Senior Adviser for the UN in the field of multi-stakeholder negotiations
  • National Expert to the European Parliament in cross-border mediation
  • Trained in Analytical Psychology, Jung Institute, Zurich
  • Author of several books on negotiation and founder of Negotiation Booster