Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett, Jamaica
Project Management Consultant

Negotiation Tips: Leading a successful project
Sunday, May 29 at 3:20 pm – 3:55 pm UTC

A goal without a plan can set you up for hours, weeks, or even months of busy work. Project management is essentially the practice of handling this and turning ideas into reality!

Are you under pressure to deliver? Is your life made tough by shortened schedules, tight budgets, skills gaps, incomplete scope, and demanding stakeholders? Do you need help to confidently deliver project success?

The world is changing fast, but when it comes to managing successful projects, many things stay tried and true. Ultimately, you want to foster a project team that’s focused on objectives and responsive to new information.

  • To achieve success, it has to be clear what the project success criteria are. Before starting, help your team understand what you want to achieve — not just for your project but also for your client’s business or community.
  • Align with relevant stakeholders on your key performance indicators (KPIs), and if possible, keep them visible. As you arrive at critical decision points, go back to these goals to determine the best courses of action.

  • Mark Burnett PMP® SMC® is natural encourager, collaborator and sports fanatic who empowers via an adaptive, customer-centric and shared value-driven obsession to execute tasks, in an effective approach to foster a creative climate of introspection, learning and growth. Mark believes that true service comes from Servanthood, and is a servant to others which is his main strength. Additionally, he has been a true inspiration imparting his invaluable wisdom, experience, and knowledge to budding professionals at the University of the West Indies (UWI), he continues to exemplify a true “UWI” pelican by nurturing the young!

    Nowadays, Mark helps cross-functional teams to manage complex projects, risks, deadlines/ milestones, change, technology solutions and channel of accountability to solve their biggest setbacks in enterprise-class infrastructures based on importance, sense of urgency and ROI: Helping busy leaders with their time; boosting productivity, resilience and recruitment, taking their business from a distressed position; helping teams become the most powerful version of themselves, building skills through project management and heart-based life lessons.

    Having worked in immense high-pressure situations with Ericsson and other technology operators, Mark has supported a range of projects for over a decade, including major digital transformation that delivered significant benefits to services providers in the Caribbean and Central America. He has a solid customer focus on medium to high-risk priorities, and his experience extends across a wide range of ICT & telecom technologies. Likewise, he has managed large-scale/ macro level network deployment, negotiating with external partners and leading teams to accelerate performance.

    An active Mentor with meaningful contributions, Mark has served as PMI & Red Cross Volunteer, Mentor at Helping Hands, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Football Liaison Officer at various tournaments. Moreover, he has guided teams to create solutions for Hackathon Covid-19, and initiatives to motivate youth in STEM. Mark is ardent about community service and has been helping since his youth.

    Mark is a certified PMP®, Agile Scrum Master (SMC®) and Registered Engineer (EngrPE). His view is that a blend of Project Management, Technology and Engineering can be fun! Besides this, his multicultural exposure has given him deep interests in these areas: Business & Digital Transformation, Motivation & Productivity, Executive Decision Making and Third-Party Management.