Randall Englund

Randall Englund, USA
Executive Consultant
Englund Project Management Consultancy

You, too can be an effective negotiator…when you know the “rules”
Saturday, May 28 at 11:35 am – 12:10 pm UTC

Every day involves negotiations: what to buy, how much to pay, where to go, what to do, or how to solve problems, agree on requirements, or get the right resources. Optimal results delivered by projects and daily transactions depend upon what you negotiate. Embracing a mindset and applying skills can help achieve better results through the power of negotiations.

Are you fully equipped to get the best outcomes possible? What if you could improve your negotiating abilities by at least 10 percent? Take the time to learn and develop ten basic “rules”—and reap the benefits. Negotiating is an essential career enhancing skill that gets invoked almost every day.

Imagine how much better off you will be over the course of your lifetime if you adopt an excellence mindset, supported by skills and tools that enable you to know why, what, and how to negotiate clear success criteria; become able to set yourself up for success instead of failure, especially in politically charged environments. Improving your ability to negotiate effectively will change your life.

Randall L Englund MBA, BSEE, CBM is passionate about guiding leaders at all levels to integrate changed thinking. He serves as an author, speaker, educator, trainer, professional facilitator, and consultant for the Englund Project Management Consultancy (https://englundpmc.com).

He draws upon experiences as a senior project manager with Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) for 22 years and working with organizations world-wide. He is co-author of seven books in the business and management field, teaches online graduate university certificate programs, and is a frequent seminar leader and speaker for the Project Management Institute (PMI). His focus is on people skills that create environments for successful projects, such as negotiating, leadership, influence, political, sales, change and conflict management skills.

PMI awarded Randy with both the Distinguished Contributions Award and with the Eric Jenett Project Management Award of Excellence.

He speaks world-wide to management teams and coaches executives about their role to create an environment that optimizes results from project-based work, and he consults with clients to implement cohesive teams and project portfolio management.