Richard Juneau

Richard Juneau, Canada
Business coach and trainer
Richard J. Juneau & Associates, Ltd.

Are you giving too much when you negotiate?
Sunday, May 29 at 2:40 pm – 3:15 pm UTC

  • Michael Wheeler, from Harvard Business School says that there are four basic aptitudes for collaborative negotiation: Create Value, Capture Value, Empathy and Assertiveness.
  • Know when to use Competitive and Collaborative Negotiation Strategies.
  • Understand why preparation and taking leadership early on in the negotiation, and keeping it to conclusion will give you an edge for a better outcome.
  • Learn how to create trust and rapport verbally, nonverbally and through vocal synchronization, then validate that you have created it.
  • Use open-ended questions and active listening to better understand the needs of your counterpart as well as creating value and claiming it.
  • Know how to reframe objections by creating value for your counterpart.
  • Know when and how to close, and say “no” when the conditions do not meet your needs.

  • Richard Juneau is a negotiation trainer and coach. For over 30 years, he has trained and coached thousands of people across Canada, the US, and France. He delivers his training and coaching from small to very large organizations, some of which are worldwide. Richard comes from a business background.

    Before becoming a trainer and coach, he was President of a 400-employee manufacturing company where he negotiated multi-million dollar contracts with the Canadian and US Government (defense contracts) as well as supplying various products to companies such as American Motors, General Motors, DeHavilland, Bombardier, and many others.

    He now helps companies and individuals become more aware of the subtleties of communication in the negotiation process. Some of his current and former clients are Cirque du Soleil, Bombardier, Textron, AXA Group (France), Pomerleau, Hydro-Quebec, Sintra, Sobey’s, and many more from the food (cheese, beer, coffee, candies), banking, construction, IT, and service industries.

    Those training and coaching are not only essential in the business world, but as well for personal use when buying and selling a house, a car, and other goods and services that people use every day. Why leave money or other value on the table?