Wojtek Sambor

Wojtek Sambor, Poland
Negotiation and Sales Trainer, CEO
Sambor Training

Don’t let them gain control over you! – The negotiation process that works
Sunday, May 29 at 11:30 am – 12:05 pm UTC

The negotiation begins in your head. The less prepared you are , the more you negotiate with yourself. Changing the mindset and overcoming emotions is the main challenge in decision making.

Wojtek invites you to work together on your negotiation mindset. During this presentation you’ll learn the efficient negotiation process, that will help you maintain control over the talks, and prevent you from influence or manipulation. This is the first step to become and assertive negotiator. You’ll be able build trust and a respectful relationship, as well as save time, money and energy.

Wojtek Sambor is an experienced sales and negotiation practitioner, trainer and consultant. Over the years, he has developed sales teams and structures, designed negotiation processes and models, and promoted new ideas of negotiation training in business. He managed a team of over 300 specialists and managers in dispersed structures.

As part of Sambor Training company, he introduces a negotiation tournament and negotiation sparring as a unique method for developing business skills on the Polish market. Adapts modern methodology and the latest trends in negotiation. He also conducts individual consultations and develops in-company negotiation process modelling. He worked with sales reps, buyers, PMs and top managers in many branches.

Over the past 12 years, he has conducted over 1,200 hours of workshops and trained over 2,000 salespeople, managers and specialists. He cooperated with international companies from the financial, insurance, IT and FMCG sectors. Currently, he trains mainly sales and purchasing departments as well as project and change management teams.

He is involved in strategic and operational consulting for startups. Responsible for building the Bridge2.business global sales network – a platform for automating US, NATO, EU and UN purchases.

He graduated from Human Resource Management at the Warsaw School of Economics and Psychology at the University of Warsaw. Trained by renowned trainers in the field of negotiation, strategic management, communication and persuasion. Author and editor of the book on negotiations “Business negotiation scenarios – Skills training”