Meet the team behind the 7th edition of Global PM Days!

  • Katia Sarachuk (Austria) – Project Owner, Event Logistics
  • Fereshte Mirhosseini (Iran) – Project Manager
  • Diana Tereshchenko (Russia) – Speakers & Program
  • Amr Mousa (Egypt) – Speakers & Program
  • Ruzzel Miguel De Vera (Philippines) – Marketing & Communication
  • Erfan Esmaeel Beigi (Iran) – Sales & Customer support
  • Ximena Gamboa (Peru) – Sponsorship & Partnership

United by the idea of supporting the growth of young project managers and students, every single one of our volunteers is working hard to prepare the best content for you while learning and improving their own skills along the way.

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“First of all, congratulations on the excellent presentation and theme of the conference! Of all the notable and distinguished speakers, I singled out the presentations of Mr. Stephen Carver, Peter Milsom and Pete Morgan!”

“Kudos to the team that made this event happen. To the moderators and speakers. You’ve been terrific! Until next time.”

“Thank you to the team organizing it, excellent work!”

“Congratulations, it is truly amazing what a high-level event you are organizing each half year. I wish there would be much more participants to benefit from it, step up the marketing! ;)”

“A unique experience. Congratulations on the organization of the event. It was very good. Greetings from IPMA PERU.”

“During this time, I attended Global PM Days, I tried to watch all of the seminars online. I got very excited about IPMA because of the professionalism of the speakers.”

“Wow. Everything went well. It was a great event and opportunity for everyone to know each other and network. Exposure is the price for exploit. Thank you for Global PM Days Team Organizers.”

“The keynotes gave me an overall insight of how wonderful the project management career is.”

“I would say the decision to participate in the conference was a weekend well-spent. I more than appreciate the global know-how and best practices shared on future organizations and talent management topics during the period full of challenges and behavioral changes in our companies. Thank you IPMA Young Crew for organizing such a wonderful and expert conference.”

“Thank you for this great event! Congratulations to the organizing team!”

“Very pertinent topics delivered with passion and practical insights.”

“The whole event seems to have gone very well and I’m impressed with the arrangements and platform that were put in place. Thanks to you and your team for a job very well done!”

“The conference was very interesting and I got lots of new information. Thank you for this opportunity. I am very much satisfied. Good luck.”

“I just love the part to learn from successful and inspiring people! It was great! I hope next time I can attend it properly, this time work didn’t give me enough time to do it as I wanted but as far as I could, it was great.”

“Great job! Congratulations for organisation. I had great and inspiring two days!! Bravo from Croatia!”