If you could not participate, missed some of the sessions, or just would like to watch again the speakers that captivated the most, you can still gain value with the recordings.

Global PM Days May 2020 – Leadership

The event convened leading experts from the project profession to discuss various aspects of the Leadership competence of ICB4.

The areas that were covered are: taking initiative, taking ownership and showing commitment, providing direction, coaching and mentoring, exerting power and influence, making, enforcing and reviewing decisions. In addition to insightful keynotes and a vivid panel discussion, the event offered a possibility of online interaction and networking.


Global PM Days May 2020 – Conflict & Crisis

Aiming at raising awareness of the situation in the world, the umbrella topic of this edition was Conflict & Crisis. The speakers shared their experiences on the below topics:

  • Anticipation and prevention of conflicts and crises
  • Analysis of their causes and consequences
  • Selection of appropriate responses
  • Mediation and conflicts and crises resolution
  • Capturing and dissemination of learning
  • The participants were able to learn how to manage conflicts and crises, identify and prevent conflicts, take effective action when a crisis or clash of interests occurs, act in such situations and learn from them, learned how sometimes conflicts can be an opportunity to improve as a team.


    Global PM Days Nov 2019 – Teamwork

    Teamwork becomes the key competence in the times when people tend to be more focused on digital solutions rather than on relationships and collaboration. That’s why in the 1st edition we went through the Teamwork competence of IPMA ICB4 in all its dimensions to try and tackle a highly demanding issue of our day-to-day life.

    The speakers were talking about various aspects of the competence:

  • Team setup & Team building
  • Cooperation & Networking
  • Team Development
  • Empowerment & Learning from mistakes
  • The conference participants learned how to promote team orientation, create a culture of success, manage teams effectively, and many more.