Mark Cawood, South Africa

Mark Cawood, South Africa
PPPM Consultant & Programme
Management Advisor at the
City of Cape Town

Mark Cawood is a manager and engineer with broad-ranging experience in managing people and projects. A natural communicator with a combination of strong people, as well as analytical skills. A creative thinker who takes
initiative, leads change and supports others towards achieving their potential. He enjoys high-level strategic thinking as well as possessing the ability to focus on details in order to ensure client needs are met. His approach to life is collaborative, engaging and optimistic. He enjoys working with people, leading teams, solving problems and making a meaningful contribution to society.

Mark is currently working as a senior management consultant specialising in project, programme and portfolio management. Key work has included supporting the City of Cape Town on the Water Emergency Programme in response to the drought crisis of 2017. He has also assisted towards improving the planning and implementation of the City’s annual R6 billion CAPEX spend through the design and implementation of new project, programme and portfolio management processes.

In partnership with his brother and two friends he started a company to service the homebrewing and micro-brewing industry in South Africa. The primary focus of the business is the importation and distribution of malts, yeast and hops. Mark is not involved in the day to day operations but provides occasional strategic and commercial guidance.

Mark is a proud South African and is committed to making a positive contribution to the growth of his country. Some of what he enjoys doing outside of work includes: relaxing with his family, surfing, cross-fit and playing guitar in a band.

Crisis Project Management: Water Resilience Programme

In late 2017, Cape Town, a city with 4.2 million people, was in danger of running out of water. A multi-year drought, the worst in more than 100 years, had left Cape Town’s water supply at perilously low levels. In response to the growing crisis the Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality formed the Water Resilience Programme to create traction within the municipality to pursue all options available to mitigate the risk of acute water shortages.

Ben Peters and Mark Cawood, who formed part of the programme management team, will share unique insights and practical lessons learnt from this experience.​