Arlene Derbaix, Belgium

Arlene Derbaix, Belgium
Portfolio & Project Management
Change Management
Women Career Development

When resourcefulness becomes a pillar of modern leadership
Saturday, May 29 at 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm CEST

Resourcefulness in agile working is the ability to deliver results with the tools and resources available and emphasizes creative thinking to make the best use of a situation. As a leader, you will be asked to work on projects, to deliver added-value, and most of the time, you will have the feeling that you don’t have all the resources on board to deliver this. You will have to learn to be creative, to provide out of the box solution, to dare to propose alternative solutions or options that will help you deliver great outputs. Together I proposed that we review 3 practical situations where resourcefulness can be leveraged.

Arlène Derbaix is a corporate executive who has developed a strong expertise in Project and Portfolio Management as well as in transformation initiatives. She has worked in big companies like McKinsey and GlaxoSmithKlein. She set the foundations of Portfolio Management in Pharma R&D to support Senior Leaders in taking strategic pipeline decisions. She worked as Chief of Staff for Vaccines R&D, working in close collaboration with the R&D leadership team to define and implement the R&D strategy. She led a big transformation for Vaccines R&D at GlaxosmithKlein. She is currently leading a team to implement and develop performance management in Clinical Operations.

Arlène is also a coach and mentor working with powerful women on their leadership and their ability to take back their career, identify the options and put actions into place to get there.

As a speaker, Arlène has presented at conferences about Project Management Career Path and Women career management, including conferences organized by Citigroup and Intys

Finally, Arlène is also the co-founder of Bliss, THE place to be for the women who want to love their life as much as they love their job!

  • Working with senior leaders to implement pmo and portfolio
  • Leading transformation initiatives for a big department
  • Working with powerful women on their career development