Christoph Schmiedinger, Austria

Christoph Schmiedinger, Austria
Executive Consultant
borisgloger consulting

How agility can boost resourcefulness in your projects
Saturday, May 29 at 12:50 pm – 1:20 pm CEST

It’s no secret and we all experience it every day – the world is getting more complex, second by second. To develop tomorrow’s solutions, we rely on the resourcefulness of our project team members. Therefore, it is of immense importance that project managers are aware that agile values, principles and methods can help to bring out this resourcefulness of the employees.

Look forward to a journey into the agile world and how it can help make tomorrow’s projects more successful.

Christoph Schmiedinger had his first contact with agile methods at a provider of safety-critical communication systems more than 10 years ago, when the team he was responsible for was to become agile. As Product Owner, Christoph played a key role in the transition to an agile working model together with the designated ScrumMaster.

For more than seven years now, Christoph has been working for borisgloger consulting, a consulting company with a strong focus on agility. His focus is on large-scale transformations of entire companies and the associated development of agile working models at any company level.