Diana Balboa, PERU

Diana Balboa, Peru
PMI® Lima Peru Chapter,
Director of Professional Development

Self-reflection and self-analysis
Saturday, November 27 at 5:25 pm – 6:00 pm CET

How does continuous process improvement work? Basically, by iterating the cycle of identifying, planning, executing and reviewing. This cycle also applies for us, for our personal improvement, but under the name of self-regulation which refers to self-generated thoughts, feeling, and actions that are planned and cyclically adapted to the attainment of personal goals. It’s cyclical because, as well as in process improvement, the feedback from prior performance is used to make adjustments during current efforts. Self-regulatory processes and accompanying beliefs fall into three cyclical phases: forethought, performance control and self-reflection.

Forethought are the processes that precede any effort like goal setting, performance control are the processes occurring during efforts and self-reflection is the ability to acknowledge, reflect on and understand one’s own emotions, behaviors, preferences and values and to understand their impact. There are two self-reflective processes associated: self-judgment and self-evaluation. Self-judgment involves self-evaluating one´s performance and attributing causal significance to the results. Self-evaluation refers to comparing self-monitored information with a standard or goal, such as a sprinter judging practice according to his or best previous effort.

Because of the cyclical nature of self-regulation, a cycle is just completed when the self-reflection processes impact forethought phase processes during future attempts, so it is critical for our personal improvement not only in our professional life but also in other aspects of our life because it has been successfully applied to education, athletics, health domains, etc. In the conference, it’s going to be reviewed a technique to apply the self-regulation processes with special emphasis to the self-reflection processes.

Diana Balboa is a Director of Professional Development at PMI® Lima Peru Chapter, certified as PMP®, CSM® and CRM®, with more than 11 years of experience in strategic planning and management of multidisciplinary projects. Founding partner of BIVRA®, a company that develops educational board games, and designer of games in project management: the card game “BreakingDown® Divide and Conquer” and the board game “EarnValue® The Art of Managing Projects”. Researcher in gamification of learning and student of the Doctorate in Psychology.