Dr. Eva Hruscova, Malta

Dr. Eva Hruscova, Malta
Manager, People & Change Advisory
KPMG Malta

Unlocking Your Resilience
Sunday, May 30 at 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm CEST

Resourcefulness can be defined as finding ways to get things done, even in the face of obstacles or difficulties. This means being able to approach a situation or scenario during project implementation and find a way to optimise it, whether by doing something differently, taking an alternative approach or reinventing the wheel completely. A resourceful Project Manager needs to be able to face any challenge head on and strive to problem solve efficiently and effectively. This is where resilience comes in.

Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. Resilience is the ability to get through difficult circumstances, but it is also the attitude you adopt and the actions you take as you do so.

Unlocking your resilience will not only help you overcome any obstacle you might face at work, with project management (or otherwise) but will also empower you to grow and learn from every situation. Do you understand the power of locus of control? Can you recognise your own resources that will help you solve any problematic situation? Join us as we work towards unlocking your resilience.

Eva Hruscova is a Manager in the People & Change unit of KPMG Malta, where she focuses on talent management, succession planning (identification of high performer and high potential), performance management and individual development planning, strategic workforce planning, job grading, job evaluation, people analytics, development of organisational structure, delivering soft skills training, psychological research and quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

Prior to joining KPMG, Eva worked for more than 4 years at Shared Service Centre in Slovakia where she implemented mentoring and career counselling programs, was responsible for talent development and performance management, succession planning, led the end-to-end recruitment process and implemented improvements of employer branding strategy. She was responsible for the performance and development of 30 internal trainers group. She developed and delivered soft skills training for the workforce and was responsible for data management at HRIS.

Eva delivered more than 180 soft skills training for senior managers, specialists, internal trainers, project managers, university staff, students and career counsellors in Slovakia, Malta and Armenia and she led HR strategic improvement projects in the United Kingdom and Austria. She formed part of psychological research project teams in Slovakia and Armenia and has extensive experience with creating surveys, validation of psychological tests, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and delivering courses in psychology to MBA students.

Eva is the author of more than 20 psychological articles published in scientific and psychological journals, and she was invited speaker in national and international psychological conferences. Eva received the Young Talent Learning & Development Award 2017 in Slovakia for her innovative way of leading soft skills training, HR Talent Award 2018 in Slovakia for leading HR strategic projects and Award of Rector of University of Presov in Slovakia.

Areas of Expertise
Strategic Workforce Planning, Job grading, People Analytics, Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis, Employee Engagement, Organisational Culture, Talent Development, Strategic Talent Management, Succession planning, Performance Management, Employer branding, HR Project management