Hugo Gonçalves, Portugal

Hugo Gonçalves, Portugal
Founder, Executive Coach, Design Thinker

Emotions, creativity and resourcefulness – from chaos to order
Sunday, May 30 at 12:10 pm – 12:40 pm CEST

Emotions really do Unleash or Lock Creativity! And those are critical in order for us to understand, as project managers, which are the real important outcomes that should provide an “answer” for the pains and gains of people and organizations that will benefict from our work and results. Emotions and Creativity are two of the most impactful expressions of Intelligence and Evolution as Human Beings. So, how can we work with these two together, in a Resourceful way and within the PM Ecosystem? In a more liquid and volatile work, projects should be met with a mix of Caos and Order, so we can tackle the uncertainty, disruption and constant shifting of contexts and ecosystems. Logic and structure alone will not get us there. Emotions and Creativity with Logic and Structure will!

Born, raised and passionate about Porto and the World, Hugo Gonçalves’, personal and professional paths led him to the wonderful world of Coaching and Design Thinking.

As a quiet rebel and neo-generalist, Hugo mix them with other approaches in order to facilitate the metamorphosis of People and Organization Potential and Capabilities into Performance and Impacts.

Hugo is the founder of KNOWMAD VENTURES, a boutique collaborative consulting and facilitation company that helps People and Organizations to transform their knowledge, experience, challenges and opportunities in Solutions, Performance and Profit with a Purpose.

Areas of Expertise
Executive Coaching, Design Thinking for Organizational Innovation&Development, Leadership, Team Development, Organizational Culture & Workflows, Strategy, Customer Development and Value Proposition Design, Agile, Creative Problem Solving, Professional Produtivity&Performance.

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