Hugo Gonçalves

Hugo Gonçalves, Portugal
Executive Coach & Design Thinking Facilitator
KNOWMAD Ventures

Negotiation by Design and Conversations
Sunday, May 29 at 10:10 am – 10:45 am UTC

When preparing for a negotiation, the most important challenge is to become aware not only of one’s positions and interests but of all stakeholders involved. So Negotiation is a Human Centered Approach!

As a project manager, you have to negotiate all the time with engineers, product managers, designers, clients and suppliers, not to mention business managers and executives. You have to strive for simplicity and consistency, getting things done on time while frequently accommodating very conflicting goals from users, products, and businesses.

In this keynote, you will get an insight into the basic methods of Design Thinking and Negotiation Theory and learn how to apply these at various practical contexts, challenges and opportunities. You will learn how do develop ‘personas’ and ‘organisations’ and how these principles can be used to accelerate the process of making the positions and interests of stakeholders visible. This allows to facilitate the cooperation among negotiators and the development of sustainable negotiation solutions.

For project managers to deploy all of this, it is important to be aware and grasps three fundamental dimensions, that relate to the Individual Competence Baseline 4 (ICB4) of “People”: how do you interact with the people around you, and yourself, “Practice” of our work: needed for Projects, Programmes and Portfolios and “Perspective” of the intiatives you’re running: the context within which the initiative is run and the link to what needs to be achieved.

Those dimensions :

  • Know Yourself
  • Know Your Prospective Client’s Needs
  • Know the Value of the Work
  • Will define our skills and resources of Self Leadership and Awareness of what is really important, allow us to use Empathy, Questions and Active Listening to fully understand the stakeholder’s pains & gains and with that, have a clear notion and vision of the project Value, that will be the beacon of the negotiation.

    Born, raised and passionate about Porto and the World, Hugo Gonçalves’ personal and professional paths led him to the wonderful world of Coaching and Design Thinking.

    As a quiet rebel and neo-generalist, Hugo mix them with other approaches in order to facilitate the metamorphosis of People and Organization Potential and Capabilities into Performance and Impacts.

    Hugo is the founder of KNOWMAD VENTURES, a boutique collaborative consulting and facilitation company that helps People and Organizations to transform their knowledge, experience, challenges and opportunities in Solutions, Performance and Profit with a Purpose.

    Areas of Expertise
    Executive Coaching, Design Thinking for Organizational Innovation&Development, Leadership, Team Development, Organizational Culture & Workflows, Strategy, Customer Development and Value Proposition Design, Agile, Creative Problem Solving, Professional Produtivity&Performance.

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