Laura Zhou, CHINA

Laura Zhou, China
Professional Service Director,
incadea China

Setting meaningful and authentic individual goals
Sunday, November 28 at 2:10 pm – 2:45 pm CET

Laura will tell us what Meaningful and Authentic means regarding goalsetting and will show us how to set up goals considering factors of process and result. She will also share with us a model of 4W that can help us set goals more effectively.

Laura Zhou worked in the IT consulting industry for over 20 years, on system consulting, management consulting and system implementation. Managed over 30 implementation/rollout management projects, with big or medium clients. Familiar with BPCS, SAP, and incadea.dms IT products or solutions; understood deeply about ERP, CRM, MES solutions. Her clients are focused on automotive industry, including OEM, suppliers, retail and aftermarket.