Marek Demčák, SLOVAKIA

Marek Demčák, SLOVAKIA
COEDU Consulting & Education Ltd.,
LEAN Coach

Self-management through Self-refection
Saturday, November 27 at 6:05 pm – 6:40 pm CET

Honest and straightforward answers to complex questions. How to be more efficient? How to be more effective?

Some people are more successful than others. In fact, some people are also more effective than others. That is the fact. Is there anything we can do about it, or is success a matter of luck and talent? In his short keynote, Marek wants to highlight the importance of self-management as a primary driver for effectiveness and self-reflection as the main driver of efficiency. He will guide you through principles and tools that make him more productive and his life easier.

Marek Demčák primary field of expertise is designing systems to enhance productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and administrative processes. His work is highly influenced by LEAN management and Solution Focused Coaching.
Marek has 11 years of experience in designing and improving processes. His process improvement journey started at Slovak Nuclear power plants. Continued in Consulting company with a focus on LEAN 6 Sixma and Project Management. After a one-year of improving administrative processes in a Bank, he moved to assembly lines as a LEAN Coach.
As a volunteer, Marek co-managed the development of the Project Management Association in Slovakia and the Global Young Crew as the Head of Coaches and Mentors Program and GYCW.