Muriel Kosovsky, UK

Muriel Kosovsky, UK
Coach (ACC) for Highly sensitive leaders and professionals,
CEO and podcast Host
“The Highly Sensitive Leader Podcast”

Building self-confidence as a Highly sensitive project manager
Sunday, November 28 at 1:30 pm – 2:05 pm CET

This 30-minutes presentation will help participants learn about and reflect on the experience of being highly sensitive in the professional space, particularly as project managers. They will understand what the HSP (highly sensitive person) trait is and how it manifests in the work environment, especially in professions which are time-based, involve a high number of interactions with various stakeholder groups and require to respond effectively to change, potential setbacks and stress.

Muriel will share strategies to overcome challenges that naturally present themselves to HSPs (over-stimulation, perfectionism, difficulty to organize/prioritize tasks, lack of boundaries/people-pleasing) as well as ways to identify “superpowers” that come with being HSPs (empathy, attention to detail, sense of service, ability to connect deeply with others, curiosity) and utilize them to 10X confidence, work with setbacks and create success in the project management space.

Muriel Kosovsky is a Coach (ACC) for Highly sensitive leaders and professionals, CEO and Podcast host of the Highly Sensitive Leader Podcast. Muriel focuses on supporting leaders and professionals living with the HSP trait who experience specific challenges around over-stimulation, overwhelm, building relationships, managing time, self-confidence and staying consistent with their routines, habits and projects.

A HSP herself, Muriel has worked as a teacher, trainer and leader in high stimulation and high pressure environments for over 15 years, during which time she has developed a range of tools and strategies designed specifically for highly sensitive leaders and professionals (copying non-sensitive colleagues and friends doesn’t work!). Muriel’s unique 5 Control Points© method strengthens confidence, emotional management and the ability to navigate relationships with assurance and authenticity. Colleagues, friends and stakeholders will notice and respect this increase in confidence – they will probably want to know what your secret is!

Muriel is a certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, with over 700 hours of 1-to-1 and group coaching experience, as well as over 10,000 hours of teaching, training, and mentoring both in the education and the corporate space. She is currently working on Leadership development coaching programs with INSEAD with world-famous brands like Visa, Amazon, Schneider Electrics and HSBC. She also collaborates with Bravely to provide workplace coaching to highly sensitive and non-sensitive professionals alike for companies over the world such as Nasdaq, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Twilio, Siemens-Mendix, Autodesk and many more.

Muriel also has several hobbies she highly values. She is passionate about horse-riding, hiking, fitness training and singing, all of which help her create harmony and sources of inspiration between her professional and her personal life.