Global Young Crew Workshop Porto 2016

This was the perfect mix that motivated around 100 people to meet and reunite in Portugal, last September, for the annual IPMA Young Crew Workshop, the GYCW Porto 2016.

“Time to discover” was the navigation map, which guided both participants and speakers to find out, to share, to grow, to learn, to overcome herself and most of all: to live a lifetime experience with project management theme as background. Even Vasco da Gama, one of the most well-known and fearless Portuguese explorers, wanted to attend this international meeting of project managers. With him, he brought several examples of how challenging was the project management activity from 6 centuries before now. Those examples, when dully translated for today’s reality, allows us to understand some of the challenges we face nowadays. Complexity, sustainability, clown techniques, from fear to power, Level up, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and resilience are synonyms of what this workshop was made of.

This international event was developed and delivered by IPMA Young Crew Portugal, fully supported by the local member association “APOGEP”, the IPMA and the IPMA Young Crew. It grouped project management professionals from 21 countries within 5 different continents. Three days full of energy, workshops, keynotes, challenges, good mood and several activities that embraced “project management” as the key of the discoveries.

In between ties there were opportunities to walk around and fell in love with Porto city and its iconic buildings, with the kindness and simplicity of the people and, last but not least, the so special Portuguese gastronomy.
The adventure ended on a gala celebration that reflected the shine and glamour proper from a world-class event. At the end of the journey, land on sight, it remained the confidence of a job well done, and the contribute left, nationally and internationally, for the development of the project management as a knowledge area and as a profession.

Thanks to all who were present!