Finland to host IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop 2024!

IPMA Young Crew Finland, in association with Project Professionals Finland and the University of Oulu have the honor of hosting the next Annual Global Young Crew Workshop in January 2024 together with IPMA Young Crew Global Management Team.
The event will take place in Rovaniemi, to allow for the participants from all around the globe to enjoy Lappish magic. GYCW24 will be held from 9th to 11th January 2024.
The city of Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus and the capital of Finnish Lapland. A friendly town surrounded by Arctic nature, where Lappish culture and a wide range of activities can be enjoyed all year round. And of course, here, you can cross the Arctic Circle! Rovaniemi offers fairy-tale surroundings and a pinch of Christmas magic.
The event offers high quality academic education in partnership with the University of Oulu, Finland, together with high level executive project management and change management keynotes, from different industries.
Participants will get an immersive and hands-on experience on implementing a change and adapting to ever altering business surroundings. Project managers, change managers and executives in varying fields will gain insights to bring value to their business, organizations, or networks.
Managing change is an important part of any project, including the implementation of a new information system or organizational transformation. It requires different skills and competences compared to project management. This workshop focuses on change at the team and organizational level and explores how it is managed and experienced by different actors involved. Additionally, we briefly discuss change in an inter-organizational and societal context, such as addressing climate change.

Navigating Change

During the workshop we adopt a process perspective on change and cover all phases of a successful change project:
1. Recognition of the need for change and initiating the process
2. Diagnosis of what needs to be changed and formulating a vision for the future state
3. Planning for change
4. Implementing change and reviewing progress
5. Sustaining change
For each phase, we provide theoretical background and core practices, which are then applied in case-based group assignments to manage change effectively. Key factors for successful change, such as managing and leading people, learning and adjusting change accordingly, and engaging stakeholders, are also identified. We pay special attention to utilizing resistance to change in order to achieve successful and sustainable results.
Lectures and keynote speakers will share practical insights on applying change management in real-world scenarios. However, the primary learning methods are practical assignments and peer learning. In the final exercise, participants will work with an organization managed by AI-based actors to implement a change initiative.
Get your mittens and adventure spirit in order and head to the IPMA shop to get your ticket ASAP. This will be something you don’t want to miss out on.