Day 2 – 20.09.2020

Sunday 20.01.2020

All time is Central European Time


Stream 1. Overview of modern technology

10:00 – 11:30 VR/AR

Sergey Lukashkin

Advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the Board, VTB Bank

Main focus is VR projects and integration of immersive technologies in VTB Bank products. Key interests – fintech and education.

«I continue to insist that VR is a new sales channel. In VR we can see new blend of relity and virtuality. Look, the spaceis virtual but looks like real and will be perceived by people in glasses like real one. Under avatar it’s possible to hide not only chat-bots but also real people.

VR can also be kind of time machine. You can see things which are in a long distance from you in space or in time. Imagine immersive excursions to the past… or to the property which is not yet built with real estate agent! Last option for instance can help to design buildings and update the design before it’s to late.

VR provides totally new level of interaction, design and networking.»



14:00 – 15:00 Art & Science

Olga Remneva

Founder/Curator (Future Culture Lab), Co-Founder/Curator (Art Sparks) и Co-Curator (TECHNE)

Olga will share insights on the projects that are in the mix of culture, technology and engineering.


15:00 – 16:00 Cryptocurrencies

Sergey Ivleev

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, a large-scale ecosystem of digital assets has emerged in the world, exceeding $350 billion. The talk provides a brief overview of the state and main trends of the digital asset ecosystem, which includes blockchain protocols, token issuance, and decentralized financial applications (DeFi).

Sergey is a FinTech entrepreneur and decentralization activist. For 25 years, he has been an IT industry professional, lecturer, author, and event curator. His contributions throughout his career have promoted best practices in financial markets and risk management. Sergey was a chief research officer of #1 Russian Business Intelligence vendor PROGNOZ, co-founder and operational director of Lykke, a Swiss-based cryptofinance pioneer, served as an independent director, a member of the supervisory board of the National Settlement Depository (Moscow Exchange Group).

Sergey is now on a journey to build world leading green digital asset exchange – Vlinder – aimed to radically democratize impact investing and carbon markets.

He is also an associate professor at the Department of Information Systems and Mathematical Methods in Economics of Perm State National Research University, founder of Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain Systems Laboratory, regional director at Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (RPMIA). PhD in Economics (2005). Author of over 50 scientific publications in the field of risk management and blockchain systems, the latest being “Who watches the watchmen?”

16:00 – 17:00 Ways to fail as a PM in data science project

Artem Nikolaev, PMP
CEO and founder of

Has broad experience in digital transformation projects management.

Will be talking about most traps that waiting for in projects. The difference in pm roles in the perspective of project size.






17:00 – 18:00 What cross-cultural differences endanger digital communication and cooperation?

Eva Gaborikova

Eva has been a cross-cultural consultant and coach for more than 15 years supporting leaders, managers, multicultural teams and expat families. Working with international companies, teams and different cultures, she inspires her clients to look for practical strategies how to turn cross-cultural challenges and differences into their benefits. In the year 2016 and 2018 she was awarded Great Award in New York in competition with intercultural trainers, coaches and consultants from USA, Europe and Asia.



Stream 2. Applied workshops on soft skills of project managers

 10:00 – 12:00 Professional negotiation techniques

Peter Morgan

Peter was a hostage negotiator for 24 years and Commander of the Hong Kong Crisis Negotiation Unit for 12 years, responsible for responding to a wide range of critical incidents including would-be suicides, barricaded subjects, serious hostage and CT incidents.

Now he helps professionals and organisations accelerate their leadership credibility, authority, influence, confidence, engagement, rapport and trust with advanced communication and influencing skills used by hostage negotiators.

At applied workshop holders of interactive tickets will be able to practice necessary skills under the professional supervision of Peter.

Holders of regular tickets will be able to watch the process.


14:00 – 16:00 Creating your authentic self – using your voice and body to full effect online

David Corcoran

Professional Opera Singer performing with Opera Australia at the Sydney Opera House.

David has a Bachelor degree and Graduate Diploma in Psychology, a Diploma in Coaching, the CELTA and a Masters of Science in Human Resources Management with Distinction.

Working now as an Executive Vocal Coach, David combines his skills in voice, public speaking and coaching on top of his native English skills to help people improve themselves in communications.

He is passionate about personal development and encouraging others to become the best versions of themselves.

At applied workshop holders of interactive tickets will be able to practice skills under the professional supervision of David.

Holders of regular tickets will be able to watch the process.


16:00 – 18:00 Blended project management

Dr. Phillip Sanger

Before Dr. Sanger entered the academic world, he had a very successful 25 year career in industry developing, launching and commercializing new technologies.  Many of these technologies are now taken for granted: superconducting magnets for magnetic resonance imaging, high performance accelerator magnets for the Superconducting Super Collider, low cost power electronics for electric automobiles, high temperature power conditioning for the next generation Army tank, high power SiC switches for power utility energy management and energy efficient glass fiber drawing technology.  He has held industry leadership positions at Oxford Superconducting Technology, Westinghouse, Northrop Grumman and the SCC Laboratory.